5 Best Beach Honeymoon Destinations In India

India is no stranger to tourist destinations for couples. It has been a wellspring for romantic spots and other destinations that any nomad lovers should visit.

Despite the historical landmarks and rendezvous that are gathered in the vast country of India, you can’t still ignore its pristine and powdery white beaches. In fact, they are the perfect places in which you can make your couple getaway worth cherishing and remembering. Here are some of the best beach honeymoon destinations in India that you and your partner should step in.

Lakshadweep Islands

Lakshadweep Islands
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Lakshadweep is one of the most popular tourist spots in India, even among the locals. It is an unadulterated island situated in the Arabian Sea. However, the place still houses multiple amenities and services that can make your honeymoon trip perfect.

The island can provide your getaway with an exotic ambiance. From the beaches down to the luscious groves of coconut trees, Lakshadweep does not lack anything. It can enliven the mood because of the scenic sights that it can shower wherever your eyes gaze. Any couple can enjoy relaxing on the soft sands and lie still while the waves are touching their feet.

But it doesn’t just get romantic at Lakshadweep. It gets fun, too.


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If you explore the southern portion of the India mainland, you will be able to come across with the Ponchiderry. This is an ambivalent place filled with wonderful nightlife activities. Of course, most of these things happen on the clean and absurdly beautiful beaches of the place.

Some parts of the Pondicherry beaches are noticeably rocky. It is not all fine and smooth there. But still, they can serve as excellent backgrounds for your prenuptial and honeymoon photoshoots.

Throughout the entire year, the Pondicherry remains calm and untouched. There are sudden weather disturbances that can disrupt the serenity that the place holds. Staying there for a week or two would certainly satisfy any couple’s need for privacy and intimacy. While in Pondicherry, you can also visit the French War Memorial and Basilica of Sacred Heart of Jesus. These are some of the major attractions near the place.


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Goa is considered as a paradise in India. It is almost two-step closer to heaven because of its magnificent appeal. Despite being known as the smallest state in India, it is still well-beloved and sought.

Goa is almost serene and peaceful. Everything is seemingly idyllic there. Among the attractions that the place provides, you can’t simply ignore the aesthetics of its beaches. Most of the iconic golden sun photos of India are taken in Goa, and it is no coincidence that they were derived there. Every couple will certainly love to see these alluring views while they are in each other’s company.

Aside from the regular sight-seeing, the beaches of Goa are also good venues for surfing and jet skiing. Many active and affluent Indians visit this place from time to time whenever they need their dose of watery adventures.

Havelock Island

Havelock Island
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One of the closest contenders of Goa when it comes to objective beauty is Havelock Island. Any local with wanderlust can attest this to you. This place is located within the islands of Andaman Nicobar, which is quite severed from the mainland India. Once you are there, you will eventually sense that Carribean feeling that should not be there in the first place. But anyway, you should be glad that the tropical sensation lives on India.

Havelock Island is a good holiday rendezvous for couples. The place is clean and uncluttered. All the essential amenities for your comfort and relaxation are also present in the place. Underwater activities like snorkeling are also apparent and common in the beaches surrounding Havelock Island. There’s not dull time here as the place can occupy your itinerary.

If you are in Havelock Island, you should not forget to visit the Radhanagar Beach, Full Moon Cafe, and the ever notorious Emerald Gecko. But let us remind you that the trip to Havelock Island is a little bit costly. If you have the means already, let’s visit the place with your significant half. Trust me. The trip will be worth it.


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If you are a foreigner, trying to pronounce Thiruvananthapuram correctly is an ordeal. Despite that, I still encourage you to visit this one-of-a-kind destination. Specifically, Thiruvananthapuram is the place to go for couples who want to experience the religious side of India while they are on the beach.

All-year-round, Thiruvananthapuram remains to be peaceful and undisturbed by any unruly atmospheric conditions. The weather is always moderate. However, you should plan your visit on dates that there are no festivities held in India. Otherwise, your honeymoon privacy will be mugged by the crowd.


India is not just a country of religion, history, and culture but also a place where multitudes of tourist attractions reside. They have wonderful beaches there that are lurking on the edges of the mainland. The ones that I mentioned here are among those that you should consider first if you are going to plan your honeymoon trip.

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But if you are ready now, better start packing all the things listed on your camping checklist because Indian beaches will always give any love birds the honeymoon they deserve!

Before you go to India, you should learn their customary practices there. Learn the things that are offensive to their culture or beliefs. You will never have a good time in the country if you run into scuffles of misunderstanding. After all, India is still heavily anchored on their traditional and regional practices. Disrespecting any of these things can put you into serious troubles. Just learn the dos and don’ts, so you can enjoy your vacation without encountering problems.

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