10 Best Romantic Restaurants in Kolkata for You and Your Valentine

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Romantic Restaurants in Kolkata

Looking for some of the best romantic places to make your Valentine’ day celebration special? Well check out some of these memorable romantic restaurants in Kolkata where you and your sweetheart can hang around for a lovely evening this time. Check out –

#1 – Blue and Beyond

A rooftop open restaurant underneath the blue sky, overlooking the entire city, the cool breeze brushing you by and live music playing in the background – spend a perfect dine-out evening with your Valentine, at Blue and Beyond.

Image Source: wowthefood.com
Image Source: wowthefood.com

This lovely dining arrangement set-up, with plush orange sofas to compliment, perches comfortably at the top floor of Hotel Lindsay right opposite New Market. Locating the restaurant is not tough and if needed, you can call up the staff officials beforehand for help. As far as the menu list is concerned, food and drinks are fair and moderate here. Infact some of the dishes mentioned in the menu card are authentic and you can pick out a dish that you have never had the chance to eat before. In short, a great place for a romantic day out with your Valentine. They also have an indoor A.C. seating arrangement if you are not so enthusiastic about dining out in the open.

However, eating out underneath the blue sky or a star studded black sky is worth giving a try.

Click here for more details – https://www.zomato.com/kolkata/blue-and-beyond-new-market-area/info#tab

#2 – Afraa Restaurant and Lounge

The Afraa Restaurant and Lounge promises you a tempting lunch to appease the taste buds of you and your loved ones. Besides, this fine dining lounge will have a special dining buffet spread for a romantic culinary delight. In addition, couples can also enjoy an open air seating arrangement but it is only for a selected few and you need to start your bookings beforehand inorder to enjoy this lovely experience together. As far as your culinary list is concerned, options are plenty and you can choose from Mediterranean, Continental and Italian cuisines.

Afraa Restaurant and Lounge
Image Source: ambujaneotia.com

Click here for more details – https://www.zomato.com/kolkata/afraa-restaurant-and-lounge-sector-1-salt-lake

#3 – Spice Kraft

This is one of the latest hotspots in town and is already on top of the bucket list for many this year for many. So why not keep it in your list as well this Valentine’s Day for a casual dining experience with your Valentine? You won’t be disappointed. Its dimly lit ambience with music playing in the background will set your mood for the entire evening right away once you walk into the restaurant. Food is excellent and even reasonable, so the minimum budget for two people will be somewhere around 1200/- (along with the alcohol).

The Spice Kraft staff is always cheerful and happy to help out if you want some helping hand with chosing your best dishes for the evening. You will even have the privilege to meet the chefs who would come by to your table for feedbacks. Don’t forget to thank them. In short – Truly Fantastic!

Spice Kraft Kolkata
Image Source: zomato.com

Click here for more details – https://www.zomato.com/kolkata/spice-kraft-ballygunge

#4 – Gabbar’s Bar and Kitchen

Looking for something more than just being romantic this time? You have got Gabbar’s Bar and Kitchen waiting for you to walk in. Ambience again, is truly unique here as you can guess from the name – Its true Bollywood style! Relive the romance of the 20s, with you and your Valentine playing the Veeru and Basanti out on a lovely date together. Do try out some of the surprising packages like Gabbar’s specials. Other culinary delights are North Indian, Chinese, Italian and Mexican dishes. This is a must-go destination for all foodies.

Gabbar’s Bar and Kitchen
Image Source: tripadvisor.com

Click here for more details – https://www.zomato.com/kolkata/gabbars-bar-kitchen-russel-street

#5 – Mrs. Magpie

Located in the Southern Avenue, this pretty dessert parlor is a must go-to-destination for people who are romantically in love or a sweet tooth. Ambience is pretty convincing and lovely so when you reach this dessert parlor, you would be wondering whether you have stepped into some kind of fairy tale by mistake. But even a mistake like this is a wonderful option on Valentine’s Day isn’t it?

Not much of a sweet person? Well, the Mrs. Magpie chain also cares for people who belong to the opposite side of the pole. There is a Mrs. Magpie Bistro restaurant located at Chambers Mall in Kasba where diners can choose from delicious cuisines like Continental, Italian and French. Desserts and Bakery are also available and you can choose something from to complement your overall dish items. Cost again here very moderate to make your heart go happy and not sad.

Mrs. Magpie
Image Source: bongrong.com

Click here for more details – https://www.zomato.com/kolkata/restaurants/mrs-magpie

#6 – Starstruck

Get starstruck with royal extravaganza at Elgin Road’s Startstruck – a casual dining restaurant with cuisines featuring Chinese, Continental, Mughlai and North Indian style dishes. Ambience is a glitz and perfect for any couple to feel like King and Queen for the special evening. Even the cost of dining here is moderate: Bill for two will figure somewhere around 1400/- approximately.

Image Source: nearbuy.com

Click here for more details – https://www.zomato.com/kolkata/starstruck-elgin

#7 – Aaira

Craving for a shudh desi romance dine-out this time? Then Aaira – a casual dining restaurant cum bar is the place where you should be this Valentine’s day with your partner. This time the theme décor will be candle light, so if you want the perfect candle light dinner in royal style, Aaira has its doors open to welcome you. Besides, did you know what Aaira is popularly known for? It’s ambience. You won’t be disappointed for sure. Cuisines here feature pure Indian style – North Indian and Mughal.

Image Source: zomato.com

The location is convenient and it is just beside Loreto House in Park Street.

Click here for more details – https://www.zomato.com/kolkata/aaira-park-street-area

#8 – Smoke Shack – Park Plaza

The Smoke Shack is another ideal spot to enjoy your lounge by the pool or underneath the sky, accompanied with drinks, food and ofcourse the love of your life. No words can describe the ambience perfectly because it is simply breathtaking. Cuisines feature Continental and North Indian style dishes and cost two will be 2800/- (approximately).

Smoke Shack – Park Plaza
Image Source: carlsonhotels.com

Click here for more details – https://www.zomato.com/kolkata/smoke-shack-park-plaza-ballygunge

#9 – La Cucina

Lavish buffet, real Italian dishes and classic Indian spread – Go mamma mia at La Cucina to enjoy an authentic Italian style dine-out this Valentine’s day. It is one of the finest Italian restaurants that you can get in Kolkata with an ambience and service that makes a diner fall in love at once. Its posh and romantic! Dinner for two will cost you around 2500/-.

La Cucina

Click here for more details – https://www.zomato.com/kolkata/la-cucina-hyatt-regency-sector-3-salt-lake

 #10 – Splash

Splash by Swissotel is nice and cozy and the perfect place for couples looking for some great ambience and energetic music background to get into the romantic mood. Popular for its continental delights, Splash cuisines is all about being ‘Continental’. Cost for two will be around 2,300/-.

Splash Restaurant
Image Source: trulymadly.com

Click here for more details – https://www.zomato.com/kolkata/splash-swissotel-kolkata-neotia-vista-rajarhat-new-town

The very thing special about Valentine’s Day celebration is that this is the day every couple try to make the best of their relationship. Restaurants are a part and parcel of every celebration and Valentine’s Day celebration is not out of this. Hope you have everything here you need to find out which one is the best one for you. Hurry up and find out which one you would visit this time. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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