5 Best Street foods in Kolkata during DurgaPuja you will definitely Love to Taste

Durga Puja – The major festival in eastern India especially in West Bengal. As Bengalis are very fond of foods, you can find a perfect mix of all types of foods from several states here.  But the flavor of street foods of Kolkata has no match. During the five days of DurgaPuja, enjoying street foods with Pandal hooping is a must for all bongs.

If you are new in Bengal and a passionate food lover, you must try the 5 superhot tasty street foods at least once.


You can find this extremely delicious street food in other parts of India also like panipuri in Mumbai and Golgappa in Delhi. You can find puchka in different flavors and the sellers make them mouth watering delicious with the perfect mix of chilli powder, salts and little bit of tamarind. You just can’t have one and leave the place.

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Puffed rice mixed with, tomato, chopped onion, peanuts, coconut, sliced boiled potato, green chilies, salts and chili powder. That would be a perfect lite snack in between Pandal hooping and the best part, you can be mobile while enjoying jhalmuri.

Image Source: fellowfollow.in
Image Source: fellowfollow.in


There are several variety of this food is available in West Bengal. They often called Telebhaja as they are prepared with deep fried in oil. The most popular among them are chops made from potatoes, eggs, fishes, capsicums and even from green chili.  With a pinch of salt and onions rings, they just become tastier.

Image Source: scoopwhoop.com
Image Source: scoopwhoop.com


This is yellow colored pea’s curry which you can find sometime at the same stall of puchka. With the addition of tamarind chutney, this simple preparation becomes just extremely tasty.

Image Source: staticflickr.com
Image Source: staticflickr.com


Egg rolls are one of the most favorite snack options in Kolkata, especially during festival days when you want to minimize your Tiffin time to give more focus on Pandal hooping.

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Fast foods are not at all healthy. But who cares?? Ignore the words like “healthy”, “Hygienic” etc in those five days of festivals and enjoy the true color of street foods in Kolkata.

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