5 Must Visit Historical Places in Bangalore Best Explored through Walking Tours

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Historical Places in Bangalore

Your South India trip is definitely incomplete without making a visit to Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. But, it isn’t the startup culture that will draw you here; it is the culturally rich and historic significance that will make your trip worthwhile. And, these places can only be appreciated on a walking tour.

So, if you’re making a list of places to visit in Bangalore, make sure you put these 5 places on your list.

1. Nagartapete

Perhaps, the most fascinating destination of them all, Nagartapete is the one that will steal your heart. Get ready to be transported back in time with the rustic beauty of this place and get lost in the old-world rituals and customs that have disappeared from other parts of the city.

You will encounter a very unique temple and its colourful festival, ‘Karaga’, that takes place every year. Once home to weavers and jewellers, Nagartapete will bring you face-to-face with present-day weavers with their power looms.

You also get to chomp down on some delicious sweets and savoury snacks at a legendary stall here.

2. Bungalow Walk in Cubbon Park

Soak up some more old-world charm on a walking tour of Richards Town and Cubbon Park. You will be exposed to bungalows from the era of British colonization. These beautiful bungalows with gardens, parks, tall roofs tell a tale of the yesteryear that we have long forgotten. Also, don’t skip out on the beautiful churches and villas along the route that will leave you with a sense of lingering nostalgia.

3. Malleshwaram

Malleshwaram is the perfect example of the juxtaposition that is Bangalore. While most of the city has started to resemble a giant mass of tech parks, Malleshwaram remains untouched by modernization. Be prepared to meet the traditional architecture of Bangalore through this walking tour. Start your tour with the Kadu Malleswaram Temple as you saunter down the path into local markets, temples and local life. You might feel compelled to stop and buy a souvenir in the local markets and once you do, feel free to enjoy the delightful street food.

4. Lal Bagh

If greenery is what you’ve been chasing, your journey ends at the Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens. Situated in the heart of Bangalore, this heritage site will make your heart sing. You will finally understand why the garden was built in 1760 at that very spot and also where the name comes from. You will also be graced by some fascinating architectural marvels and by the time your 3-hour walk is over, you’ll never want to leave. Plan your walking tour such that you get to witness the spectacular sunset at Lal Bagh. That just might compel you to extend your trip for which you should definitely check out some of the most beautiful resorts in Bangalore.

5. Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

This is definitely one place you should not miss while in Bangalore. Brimming with historical significance and culture, the Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace is best explored on foot. You might want to prep your stomach with a delicious dose of South Indian breakfast before you set off for the palace.

The Palace was completed in 1791 during the reign of Tipu Sultan. After his demise, it began to be used by the British Administration and now it is maintained by the state and is a very famous tourist spot. Located in the heart of Old Bangalore, the palace reeks of Indo-Islamic architecture for all you architecture buffs. The rooms on the ground floor have been converted into a museum that contains a wide array of paraphernalia from Tipu Sultan’s reign. There is also a lot of green in the form of lush gardens that are maintained by the Horticulture Department.

There are also several other places that you must visit in Bangalore that hold slightly lower historic significance but are memorable nonetheless. There are several food walking tours that allow you to taste the gorgeous local food as well as trade tours which let you explore the silk trade and even some photo walk tours where you cross several scenic places that you can capture.


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