5 Places in India where Indians Are Banned Forever

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Foreigner Beaches Goa | Awesome India
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If you think, as an Indian, you can roam over any places in India (except the highly secured and protected areas), you are absolutely wrong! Unfortunately, there are some places still in India where Indians are not allowed.


Check out these Five Places Where Indians are Banned:

Free Kasol Café

This Israeli café / restaurant, located in Kasol, Himachal Pradesh known as Free Kasol came into limelight when the owner of the café refused to serve food & drinks to an Indian. The restaurant discriminates customers according to their nationality.


A person went there with her Indian girlfriend and had a bitter experience there which was shared by his friend later in Facebook.

A Certain Hotel in Chennai

A former Nawab’s residence which has been transformed to a hotel in Triplicane, doesn’t allow Indians to stay there. The story first published in Deccan Herald. The lodge only allowed those who possess foreign passports. STRANGE!!

Chennai Hotel | Awesome India
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Uno-In Hotel

This hotel was set up in Bangalore in 2012 with the help of Nippon Infrastructures to serve exclusively the Japanese communities. Since its inception, the stuffs here were accused of serious racial discrimination for not allowing the Indians in the ruff top restaurants. The hotel was shut down by the authorities after serving for only two years.

Uno-in Hotel | Awesome India
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Foreigners Only Beaches in Goa

You can roam around and enjoy the beauty of Arabian Sea in most of the beaches in Goa. But there are some private beaches where the owners only allow the foreigners. In support of such discrimination they give logic that Indians make lusty gazes and through lewd comments to the bikini clad foreigners.

Foreigners Beach Goa | Awesome India
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Pondicherry’s beaches

Like Goa, Pondicherry beaches are also famous for their scenic beauties and counted as one of the favored destination of the foreigners. However, Indians are not allowed to visit in some beaches which have some expensive French and Indian architecture.

Pondicherry Beaches | Awesome India
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