5 Probable Reasons Why BJP Has to Face Defeat in Bihar Election

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After a long battle, Bihar has given decision in favor of “MahaGatbandhan” of present chief minister Nitish Kumar, alliance Lalu Prasad Yadav’s Rashtriya Janata Dal and Congress; forcing a shameful defeat to Modi and BJP.

This defeat comes as a big blow to Modi and his party as they were expecting to capture a win in the long awaiting Bihar election and set a firm step in East India.

Here are the 5 probable reasons behind the defeat of BJP in the Bihar Election 2015.


Uncontrolled Statements

Several uncontrolled and cheap statements are one of the reasons which led to this shameful defeat. RSS chief Mahon Baghbat’s remarks over reservation issue in an interview backfired on the pollbox. He said to the Organizer that reservation should not be used as a political tool and also suggested a non-political committee to examine who will come under it and for how long.

But this was enough for a suit politician like Lalu Prasad Yadav to take the opportunity in his rally and draws the sympathy of the backward caste to them.

The dog-remarks of another BJP leader Gen. V.K Singh also added fuel to the fire.

The Grand Alliance

The biggest and most important factor of this defeat is Mahagatbandhan (the grand Alliance) between the two biggest powers of the state which withstood storongely against the Modi Wave and snatches the win.

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The present chief minister Nitish Kumar along with most experienced Lalu Prasad Yadav and Congress make the path difficult for BJP.

Failed Communication

The communication failure is another cause for the defeat. Prasant Kumar, the communication strategist of the present Bihar CM has won the battle here. He intelligently uses the DNA remark made by the prime minister and drags the pollbox in favor of Mr. Nitish Kumar. His “Bihari Vs Bahari” Slogan also works wonder for Nitish Kumar.

Silence Over Intolerance Issue

When whole India is oscillating over the intolerance issue, the silence of prime minister conveyed a wrong message to the resident of India. Rashtriya SayemSebok Sangha, the alliance of BJP and the radical hindu organizations are considered as the main accused for the recent turmoil over religion and caste. This utter silence has injected fear in them and Bihar has reflected the rejection for BJP in the poll box.

The irresponsible and communal statements of some BJP and other alliance leader like Sakshi Prachi, Jogi Aditya Nath regarding the beef issues and Muslims also help the opposition to win over the Bihar poll.

No Prominent CM face

BJP has failed in projecting the upcoming CM face for Bihar. In the last Lok Shava Election (in 2014), we have seen the Modi magic as BJP successfully projected the next Prime Minister face but here they have completely failed. That can be a major reason for their defeat in Bihar.


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