5 Surprising Ways to Have Fun in India

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Things to do in India

India is a huge country that’s home to millions of people. While most of them are Hindus, Jains, or Sikhs, the country also has a large Muslim population and Buddhist followers.

If you’re an adult visiting India, there are plenty of interesting ways to have fun here. Try one of these ideas the next time you’re there!

1. Go on a Ganges River Cruise

Ganges River Cruise

A river cruise down India’s Ganges is one of the most rewarding ways to see this historic country. The Ganges River is India’s holiest river. The cruise will take you through five states in western India. It allows you to visit towns and villages that would otherwise be elusive and out of reach.

Throughout your journey, you’ll encounter small townships and monuments that only a handful of people get to see in a lifetime. You’ll even find yoga ghats along the river, where locals practice yoga and meditation.

You’ll also have an opportunity to visit a city like Murshidabad, which is known for its silk. It is also home to the magnificent Hazarduari Palace, which is an excellent example of colonial architecture.

2. Experience a tiger safari

Experience a tiger safari

A tiger safari in India is the perfect opportunity to experience the wild side of this beautiful country. Home to over 80% of the world’s population of tigers, India is home to 50 tiger reserves spread across the country.

A trip to a tiger reserve is about getting up close and personal with these charismatic royal cats, exploring the wilderness of nature, and appreciating its treasures. Depending on your budget and preferred habitat, there’s a wide variety of tiger safaris to choose from – from grasslands to dense Sal forests and dry deciduous forests to mangroves.

These tailor-made trips aim to expose people to the world of wildlife, learning about tiger conservation, forest ecology, survival instincts, and more. These are trips that will keep them entertained and engaged, making for one of the most exciting and adventurous vacations they’ll ever have.

3. Explore the world of online gaming

online gaming

There are several reasons why Indians enjoy playing games online. There are many different options to choose from, and players can always find something they like. Playing with offshore companies is legal and wildly popular. Some popular favorites include playing Roulette online, online Rummy, Poker, and extremely realistic fantasy sports.

4. Go to a music festival

Go to a music festival

Music festivals are a great way to immerse yourself in live music. They often feature multiple musicians performing back-to-back and are usually held outdoors.

They’re also a good opportunity to learn new things and meet people who share your interests. Many festivals have workshops, dances, drum circles, and arts and crafts vendors.

It’s important to plan your festival trip ahead of time and make sure you know what bands you want to see. The lineups are published before the event, so it’s worth checking them out on the festival’s website.

However, remember that sometimes schedules change, and spontaneous jam sessions happen. So don’t be too rigid about what you’re going to see — just make a list of your “must-see” bands.

5. Take a cooking class

Take a cooking class

If you’re an adult, a cooking class can be a great way to embrace a more creative side of yourself and learn some new skills. Many cooking classes focus on international cuisines but can also be tailored to your taste preferences and skill level.

Cooking classes are a fun and easy way to make the most of your time in India. You can learn a variety of different recipes and take home a delicious meal to enjoy with your friends and family back home.

You can sign up for a variety of classes, from Aloo tikka and Kebab to a full-course meal. Some classes even include market walks and fully customized experiences.


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