7 Different Roles Mothers Take For Their Child That Truly Deserves Acknowledgement

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Mother’s Day
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There is an African proverb that says “It takes a village to raise a child”. While the children are shaped by the entire society, the two most important and influential people in their life are the parents. Parenting is a team work but the responsibilities of both the parents are different. A mother spends most of her time with her baby and thus, has to wear multiple hats in raising the child.

This Mother’s Day understand the roles that your mother had to take for your development and thank her accordingly. Here is a list of 7 roles out of numerous that we thought are most significant:


Mother as teacher
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“Ma” is the first word children say and mothers teach morality that children follow throughout their lives which develop their personality. Whatever mothers teach leaves a lifelong impression on the heart and mind of the child. It is the mother who sees the first smile on her child and makes it a permanent one with her teaching. This Mother’s Day, thank your mother with a customized coffee mug that tells her that she is the best teacher in this world.


As easily as mothers can read their child’s expressions and body language, mothers can talk to their children about what is happening in their lives. Mothers are the best listeners and this makes their children share everything with them whenever they are facing difficulties of any kind. Thank your mom with a “World’s Best Listener Cushion” because you share your life’s secrets with her.


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Mothers have to clean all kinds of mess including clothes left on the bed, cups in the living room, dirty floor, spilled food, dirty diapers, vomit and the list goes on. This Mother’s day, make a promise to yourself that no matter what happens, you will not let your mother do any work and also gift her with a soft toy to thank her for all the cleaning she has done for you.


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If you ever ask someone about their choice of meal, that is, whether they will prefer a meal at a luxury restaurant or have the one cooked by their mom, the answer will always be the latter. There is no food in this world that can beat the taste of one’s mother’s kitchen. You don’t remember the dish with the fancy plating at some 5-star restaurant for life but you will always remember the tiffin that you used to take to school. Get your mother a customized apron telling her that she is the best chef in this world.


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Children come to their mothers whenever they fail in an exam or when they are trying to grow over a breakup. Mothers comfort their children and give the best advice. A mother’s kiss on the forehead can repair any bruise or a broken heart. Mothers strengthen the broken spirit of their children and teach them how to live their life joyously. Write a letter to your mom to thank her for being there always.


Mothers take their children to school, doctor, dentist. They take their children to sporting activities, plays, music lessons and everywhere else from play dates to the super mart. Mothers always use this opportunity as a way to grow closer to their children and talk. Even when the children are unable to cross the road, mothers come as saviour. This Mother’s Day give your mother a bouquet of Carnations which are also known as Mother’s Day flowers and thank her for being your legs.


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Mothers are the reason that any child is born healthy. They carry the child in their womb for 9 months and then direct their life force in the child to bring it to life. Mothers give life and nourishment to their children. Give your mother an idol of a goddess to symbolize that she is a goddess for you and will always be.

There are numerous other roles that you mother has in your life. The least that you can do is to realize this and thank your mother everyday by one way or another. Make your mother smile everyday and your life will be blessed forever.


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