8 Great Reasons to Visit Andaman in the Winter Season

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With clear turquoise water, golden and white sand beaches, impeccable beauty and panoramic views – Andaman entices the globetrotters to visit this archipelago during winters. With the drop in temperatures, the coastal extension of Asia turns awesomely beautiful with its weather conditions and natural beauty. The archipelago of Andaman with its myriad of iconic islets, beaches, lush foliage and devoured landscapes is an exceptional holidaying experience.

While Andaman, being a tropical island does not experience winter as much, the Andaman Tours are ideally made during the extension of July-September or Oct to March due to its pleasant weather and minimal temperature fluctuations. If you are looking for an unwinding time at this tropical tourist destination, here are some reasons to visit Andaman in winter!

Pleasant weather to tour around

Pleasant weather to tour around during visit andaman
Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay 

Winters in Andaman begin from October end and lasts until the end of February. However, the temperature remains around 20 degrees with a minimum average temperature of 19-24 degrees. Compared to other times of the year, these months have pretty pleasant weather for the tourists to explore the serene islands and beaches for a fun time at the beach. Travelers are at leisure to travel during these months as the sun rays aren’t too harsh and cold winds blow from the Bay of Bengal. Bringing the comfort of soothing weather conditions, the winter months promise a more relaxed and unwinding time at Andaman.

Beach hopping

Beach hopping during visit andaman
Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

The serene beaches of the Andaman are stunning in their mystical ways. The white and golden sand beaches like Elephant Island, Long Island, etc with their pristine environment open arms for a pleasant time. As the weather permits spending time on the beach, resting on the shacks, playing games on the beach, etc. the travelers can relax by the beach and spend quality time. It is indeed easier and sorted to wander through the myriad of beaches of Andaman without getting flushed by heat or drenched in sweat.

Absence of crowd

Absence of crowd during visit andaman
Image by Ana_J from Pixabay 

Not many travelers opt for beach holidays during summers. Which is why Andaman is mostly secluded during the winter months. This is the perfect time for solitude seekers to explore the vivid destinations of Andaman at their own pace. Be it the boat rides, relaxing by the beach or visiting the popular tourist destinations – you are sure to get quality exploration with no crowd disturbing your holiday. There are some beaches like Radhanagar, Elephant beach, etc which remain completely isolated during these months. With the whole beach available to you, it’s a precious time visiting the Andaman islands untouched by the crowd.

Winter Festivals

Winter Festivals during visit andaman
Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash

Come winters, the festivals of Christmas and new year makes the world lit. Being celebrated around the world, Andaman offers vivid experiences of the winter festivals. While the locals have their cultural fests and community parties, you can join the celebrations at popular luxury resorts, pubs, and beaches. Andaman is a popular visit for the couples during Valentine’s day cutting them away bustling city life to the serenity of the quiet beaches. At popular beaches like the Havelock Islands, Port Blair, etc you can watch the fireworks at midnight to bring the new year with sparkles galore.

Perfect time to dig into water sports

If you are someone who enjoys an adrenaline rush and wants to explore the vivid water sports and adventurous activities at Andaman – winter is a perfect time. The turquoise blue clear water of the archipelago is blessed with pristine coral reefs with good visibility and habitation of marine animals. Be it snorkeling to spot the innumerable fishes or scuba diving to get a glimpse of the coral reefs, sea turtles, fishes, etc – during winters the experiences remain undisturbed by rain and takes the experience to another level. During winters one can try winter sports like jet skiing, parasailing, underwater walking, banana boat rides, etc in Andaman with weather favoring all the time.

Scuba diving like never before

Scuba diving like never before during visit andaman
Image by skeeze from Pixabay 

The serenity of the ocean is unbeatable during the winter months. While the weather is pleasant and the crowd isn’t much there, the scuba diving experience gets splendid. As you dive into the ocean you have the whole ocean to yourself. Walk on the ocean bed, swim through the coral reefs, spot the turtles and enjoy the marine life undisturbed to connect to the underwater world. While the summer Andaman Tours and packages are mostly booked for water sporting in these surreal surroundings and one needs bookings to get a chance to dive into the water, during winters it’s a much enjoyable and unplugged experience.

Budgeted stay at Andaman

Budgeted stay at Andaman
Photo by Guasi Fuentes on Unsplash

Winter is considered an off-season for the beach destinations. As a result, Andaman Tourism is often low. With traveling to Andaman is pretty cheap during the winter months, the vivid resorts and hotels make it a budgeted affair with their low booking rates. This is the time when one can explore the Andaman Islands in almost half the cost as compared to the season time. Keeping your budget in check, you can make the most of this mighty destination during December, January, and February.

Perfect time for solo trips

Perfect time for solo trips during visit andaman
Photo by Anna Auza on Unsplash

Solo travelers seeking some me-time during their trips can book a trip to the Andaman Islands for a relaxed and pleasant holiday. The winter months are blessed with isolation where the travelers can seek solo time on beaches, explore the numerous tourist destinations like Cellular Jail, limestone caves, Marina Park, etc without any disturbance. Be it about staycationing, vacating in a luxury resort or just spending some quiet moments in the serene environment of the islands – everything during the winter speaks of silence and tranquility. The unending array of beaches, rocky islands, greenery looks unexplored and natural during the winter months.

Visiting Andaman during the winter months has its ecstasy. The peacefulness of the serene beaches, pristine waterfront and budgeted availability of accommodation brings together a surreal experience for the travelers to unwind. With most of the beaches remaining isolated it is the perfect time for the travelers to enjoy the raw and untouched beauty of the Andaman archipelago when the temperature drops!


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