9 Fiery Speech By Smriti Irani in Parliament Which Thrashes the Opposition Like Hell

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Speech by Smriti Irani

On wednesday, during a debate in Lok Sabha Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani assailed the opposition parties over the burning issues of Rohith Vemula’s suicide and alleged anti-national activities in JNU. 

Here is the List of Nine such speech which compelled the opposition to take the back seat-

Rohith Vemula’s body was used as a political tool. Rahul Gandhi saw a political opportunity in Rohith Vemula’s death. Over 600 students died during Telangana movement. Did Rahul Gandhi go once? No! In this the Congress vice-president saw a political opportunity.

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I have been accused that with which authority do I write letters to Universities. MPs who want admission for their kids come to me. I will never apologise for writing letters as I just did my duty. In my 20 months as minister, I have served my country, people without any prejudice. My ministry also responded to letters of Shashi Tharoor and TMC MP Saugata Roy. We also replied to AIMIM chief Owaisi’s letter.

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One student dies and there is political battle over it. Does the country know that the executive council which took the decision (on Rohith Vemula) – Not even one member was appointed by NDA, all were appointed by UPA.

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Rohith Vemula was used for political benefits, I will give you proof. I called up Telangana CM KCR as soon as I got to know about the incident, only to request to help in law and order situation. I was told ‘sahab’ is busy. My call is on record. I am yet to receive his phone call.”5- “Nobody allowed a doctor near the Rohith Vemula. Not even one attempt was made to revive him. He was used as a political tool. This is what Telengana police is saying.

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Opposition only interested in politics and not hearing my response

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I am not certifying your patriotism, but do not demean mine; I will quit if V-Cs can prove saffronisation charge against me.

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JNU authorities recommended suspension of JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar and DSU member Umar Khalid.

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Umar Khalid misled the JNU administration, he said in an application form that he was organising poetry reading.

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Even Indira Gandhi lost power, but his son never supported anti-national forces. Don’t make education a political battlefield; I request everyone to stop treating children as votebanks.

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