Disney Plus: All You Want to Know About the Next Big Thing in Entertainment

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Disney plus Entertainment

Disney disclosed before a year ago that the company has the strategy to introduce its own built streaming service. It would directly compete with various services such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, and numerous projects such as Apple’s streaming TV launch as we know that the Disney streaming service will be known as Disney Plus or Disney+. Its legitimate logo displays that Disney Plus will connect up naturally with rest of its properties. This service is currently available only in 3 countries, and more countries will be added later.

What is Disney Plus?

As explained earlier, Disney Plus is the name that is completely based on the Disney streaming service. It is the platform for all kinds of people so that they can watch TV shows and movies across all of Disney’s brands. This consists of its main Disney brand, its Marvel Studios and Star Wars properties, it’s National Geographic and its Pixar animated movies. This service also consists of its content from its latest acquisition of 20th Century Fox.

Interface and features

The Disney Plus application and User Interface consists of exceptional sections for Pixar, Disney, Star Wars, National Geographic, and Marvel brands. There will additional sections in the interface so that clients are able to look at all of the services such as TV shows, movies, and original content. Clients would be capable of creating up to 7 customized individual profiles. Kids are able to see the shows and movies of their interest, while old age people can watch their favorite content.

Disney Plus consists of numerous features like 4K streaming for TV shows and movies that support it. The service will assist in streaming for maximum 10 devices at single time, with up to four simultaneous streaming at once. Another feature which it consists of that tablet and smartphone applications will support downloading content as well. This means that clients can easily watch TV shows and movies offline for as long as they are paid subscribers to Disney Plus. Some of the TV shows and movies will consist of DVD-like commentaries and extras.

Disney Plus will also have another feature which is called Kids Mode. It includes parental control access so that their parents can manage the TV shows and movies so that kids can’t see content which is out of their age group.

Disney Plus Price

Disney Plus is launched on 12th November 2019. It provides direct-to-customer streaming so that you do not require a satellite or cable TV subscription to buy. The service cost which is currently set for Disney Plus is only $6.99 per month. Whereas Disney plus is also available for one-year subscriptions, and for one year discounted price is set at $69.99 per year. But make it sure that you must try the Disney plus one-week free trial offer and use the service for free. There would be no contract commitment unless you chose the annual plan.

Download Content from Disney Plus

You can simply download and save the movies and TV Shows from Disney plus application on a maximum up to 10 devices. You can download the same content unlimited times, and you can watch your downloaded content when so ever you want. To have your downloaded TV shows and movies in your downloaded tab, you must be online at least once every 30 days.

TV shows, movies, and other content which will be available at launch?

The simple and short answer to this question is that A whole bunch. Various content will available at launch, such as vaulted Disney classics to National Geographic and Star Wars to Marvel. Moreover currently that Disney has bought Fox, which means you will be able to see films like Avatar and shows like The Simpsons join the fray.

This simply means you will be able to watch the animated movies like Avengers: Endgame, Beauty and the Beast, old Herbie, the original Star Wars trilogy, and a lot more.

Disney Plus Compatible Devices?

Some of the devices which are easily compatible with Disney Plus are as follows -:

  • Fire TV
  • Samsung Smart TVs
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Chromecast
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • iOS
  • Android

Launch in India

In India, the story is little bit different Disney Plus will be accessible in the homeland as a part of the Hotstar application, which is owned by Star India, which in turn is purchased by Walt Disney. Whereas, the exact date of launch and price is not clear. But, numerous rumors signify that Hotstar is expected to manage its content from Disney Plus to its existing subscribed users and as per their current plans. Furthermore as announcement made by the Iger also signifies that Fire TV users will also be able to stream movies and TV shows on their Amazone Devices when Disney Plus will be launched in India.


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