Does a Co-working Space Keep Your Mental Health Strong?

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When the pandemic arrived, employees realized that working from home was the best way to save money, time, and effort in traveling to the office. It sounded like a much-needed opportunity, especially for people who are close to their families and are craving to have some family time. Although remote working sounds comfortable and relaxing, it also has its own disadvantages. Isolation is one such factor that surrounds employees working remotely. Not interacting face-to-face with colleagues can impact employee well-being. Moreover,  some people also develop depression and anxiety when they have no one around them to talk to. This can mostly be adverse for freelancers, self-employed individuals, or any other remote worker. Thus, Forbes recently stated in their reports that 80% of workers quit their jobs because of being mentally unstable.

Coworking seems to be the best solution for the catch-22 situation. It’s just not about space but the entire ecosystem. Professionals no longer have to worry about commuting daily to the office but can relax and visit their workplace whenever they want to. This can help you fight against depression and loneliness. Apart from this, there’re more such benefits of a coworking space for your mental health. Some of the important ones are as follows:

1. Improves focus at work

One of the most important employee-friendly skills is to focus at work. As per the Harvard Business Review reports, being connected to people helps in employee health and well-being. This may not develop in a single day but can definitely grow over time. If you think there’s some issue in your work and the reason for it is the focus, then start working from a coworking space rather than your home.  It’ll instigate your consciousness to focus on the tasks that you’ll be performing. As coworking offers multiple amenities and facilities to its customers, you can sit back and enjoy what you are actually craving. All you need is to bring your brain into the right mindset and at the right moment. You can also practice noting down the start and end timings of your task in a journal, which will help you understand whether you have focus problems or not and will also show you the time that you waste in a day. 

2. Reduce Stress

Stress is common in humans. At one point or the other, we all have to face it and handle it smoothly. It’s common unless it gets overwhelming for us, leaving it to hamper our mental and physical health as well. It’s important that we recognize it before it gets too late to handle the situation. This is where shared office spaces come in. An example of this would be Zioks, a furnished office space that gives you many amenities to balance your work and life, connect with a like-minded community so that you don’t feel lonely and stressed in harsh situations. That said, here are some points that will help you tackle intense stress and tension in your personal and professional life: 

  • Regular meditation 
  • Interaction and sharing of problems with your peers
  • Exercising and keeping calm, even in harsh situations

3. Procrastination

When you work from home permanently, at one point you would notice that you’re getting too distracted — whether it’s errands or other things. This could lead to facing delays in submitting your tasks and can cause anxiety and stress for long periods of time as you miss the deadlines. Coworking spaces can give you better control over the schedules you perform daily as it gives you the semblance of work and leisure time with it’s recreational activities. Most coworking spaces like Innov8 in Delhi come with a good gaming setup as well as cafes that can help you unwind and balance your work life. 

4. Decreases isolation

Working alone can be a good choice for some people, but at the same time, the worst decision for some of them to make when it comes to working and submitting tasks on a deadline. Interacting with colleagues around you can help you understand the value of being in an organization as well as decrease loneliness. Coworking spaces give you the freedom to work with any like-minded person you want. This generates the power to get creative, as you’ll be interacting casually with your colleagues to learn and grow together. So, you know, that you have someone beside you to keep you going at work when you get bored.

Final Words

Even though we all come from different families to work, we become friends with each other. So, if someone feels unwell or weak any day, our peers help us feel better. This also reduces stress (to an extent) and distractions at work as discussed above. Interactions definitely help us to keep ourselves motivated and face challenges emotionally and physically. Communication is the one factor that turns the table around when it comes to handling poor mental health.


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