How DS Group’s Pulse Candy hits Rs 100 crore in 8 months

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Pulse , Pulse , Pulse – This candy has become the savior to the small businesses and ” oh, wow What is this ” ? to the  people who have ever popped this light green candy in their mouth.

But Why have people gone bat-shit crazy about it ?

The best way to describe it, is by breaking the Pulse Journey into the mouth in 4 stages. ( as already explained in some of the below answers ) :

Stage I – Sensational Kacchaa Aam Flavor

Stage II – Slow emergence of the powder (which happens to be in between the candy) into your mouth

Stage III – Phenomenal burst of Amchur into your mouth.

Stage IV – Sweet taste when you reach the end of the candy.

Now, Let’s go in deep (in ascending order ) of what Pulse have included in this candy which has rocked few mouths of India.

What Pass Pass Pulse Did on their end to capture users ?

1) The 1 Rupee Salty Sweet Game – Any candy which can refresh the taste buds with an initial sweetness followed by saltiness at a cost of Rs. 1 is surely to have a decent hand when it comes to number of boxes the shopkeepers brings to his shop.

2) The unique wrapper – Keep 5 colors in front of your desk, closely observe them for 2 days – 2 minutes per day.

Now ask someone to include a 5th color which is a bit glowing , now come to your desk and observe the colors again.

Naturally , you will see the new color added but that’s not the point! Now , you will be dedicating more time to the new color in comparison of others. And, this time dedication is directly related to the uniqueness the color.

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Replace the crayons with the existing candies and observe the sudden entry of a new glowing wrapper which makes it stand out or, let’s say in customer’s term ” Choose at first sight “.

3) Extensive Research on the Flavor – Pulse was conceptualized in 2013 and the product team dedicated almost two years on it before it’s launch which happened 6 months earlier. They realized that kaccha aam  was eaten across all ages around every part of the country in some way or the other.

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On top of that , they capitalized on the fact that kaccha aam is eaten with a mixture of salt and spices to add more flavor to it which led to the foundation of Pulse.

And this is where it beats Kaccha Mango Bite, the extra inclusion of  spices did the trick! 🙂

4) Surprise Element- People love surprises! Now this is what Pulse gives in here. Eat , eat , eat …BOOM! – The powder which happens to be in middle of it suddenly scatters all over your tongue and KaBoom it is!

This can be closely related to Center Shock which used to come earlier.

Some Exciting feats Pulse has achieved –

1) The Candy has already done Rs. 100 Crores in sales in the last 8 months.

2) They produce around 300 – 400 tonnes of Pulse Candy every month.

3) Already featured their presence in over 850,000 retail outlets across the country.

4) They did zero budget Marketing for their product. Or better would be to say they did not do marketing at all.

Consider each of the 4 points of every section discussed. You will come to a fascinating question i.e. “How the Hell did they do all of that without Marketing ?”

Well they left everything in the hand of famously short-formed ” WoM” ( Word of Mouth Publicity )

Let’s analyse smartly that how did WoM impact Pulse so tremendously :

In here , the power is in the hands of audience to publicize – the maximum you can do is refine your product inside out and then give it a free fall ” ( as we discussed in the above points )

1) Target Interests Groups – All the people often lying in the same genre impact WoM significantly. For example – A person of particular department of office buying Pulse has the power to influence the whole of its employees. Same goes for students , ladies party etc.

2) Smokers -Now this is a very interesting trend seen into motion. Many of the smokers are actually finding Pulse as some kind of “God-pill“. They buy Pulse in stocks which has a considerable impact on the market size of Pulse.

Word of Mouth is uncontrolled – you cannot anticipate the growth at which it can grow. Pulse happens to find itself in the same position but at a very high positive scale.

**They did an excellent job while researching and making the product but were lucky enough to create a havoc in the society of Smokers.

Well Done Pulse ! – We are waiting to see how many more milestones you cross!

The content is originally posted in Quora by Ayush Ranjan


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