Fall in Love with The Essence of Bangalore Flowers

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Bangalore Flowers

Bengaluru, previously known as Bangalore, is the capital of the Indian state Karnataka. It is the third most populous city and one of the important mega cities of the country.

A variety of flowering plants grow in Bangalore. The climate and weather of the city makes it favorable for them to grow. Let us discuss about some flowers which grow in abundance in the city

  • Barrenwort: These plants cannot tolerate excessive sunlight or water so they prefer to grow in dry shade.
  • Geranium Cranesbill: Just like the Barrenwort, these plants also prefer dry shade. They look extremely pretty as they blossom in shades of blue, white and pink.
  • Mourning Widow: Flowers with a purple and blackish shade, they grow near shrubs and bushes.
  • Bleeding Heart: These flowering plants grow on moist soil and look very beautiful as they blossom in shades of pink.
  • Solomon’s Seal: These flowers grow as dangling bells which makes them look very unique from others.
  • Snowdrops: They look like white drops of snow and can grow in shade with moist soil.

Flowers as gifts

Flowers are considered to be one of the best gifts that can be given to someone. They can be given in any occasion, be a celebration or a mourning. Flowers with their beautiful colors and fragrance, add more joy and warmth to any occasion. Even in decorations the utility of flowers is immense. During any wedding or party the entire house is decorated with fresh flowers. In Hindu culture, flowers are believed to be highly auspicious so the groom’s car or horse by which he comes to the wedding venue is decorated with flowers. Offering flowers to gods and goddesses is also practiced in most parts of India. Wearing flower garlands at the head by Hindu women is in vogue in many places in the country. Florists in Bangalore thus play a great role in providing flowers to people. There are many flower markets in Bangalore where fresh flowers are available. People can directly go to these markets and buy flowers. The florists will cut the stems of the flowers in required sizes and deliver them. They can also make bouquets out of these fresh flowers according to the customers’ need and provide them.

Sending flowers

Due to so many advantages of flowers, people choose to send flowers to their loved ones as a token of love and respect. The best and the easiest way to send flowers is sending them online. We can send flowers to Bangalore by choosing a variety of flowers online. For sending flowers to Bangalore you just need to visit florist in Bangalore and select your desired gift or flower bouquet according to your budget. Just fill in the delivery address in Bangalore and pay using any credit or debit card online.

Advantages of sending flowers online

  • When we select something online we can get lots of options from which we can choose the desired variety we want to send
  • Selecting online also helps us to consider the prices as everything is mentioned and we can easily choose the best from our budget.
  • Nowadays, customized gifts can also be sent along with flowers as a combined package.
  • The flowers are arranged and decorated nicely depending on the occasion for which we wish to send them. For example, for a birthday, the flowers may be packed along with a birthday cake and so on.
  • Sending flowers online also help us to hide our identity. In some occasions we might want to send the flowers as a surprise and don’t wish to reveal our identity. In such cases, online delivery is the best option.
  • Flowers are also sent for decorating purpose. Beautiful hanging pots with colorful flowering plants can be gifted to someone who has a hunger for gardening.

Sending flowers online is the easiest and the most convenient way of sending flowers as they prevent us from the labor of roaming from shop to shop, then the burden of carrying these flowers home and then sending them. Just by the click of a button we can select our desired items and gift them to the person we wish to.


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