Gender (In)Equality in India – True Facts in Numbers

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Gender Inequality India
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In recent times, there’s been a lot of talk about gender equality in India. Online web series, advertisements, online campaigns, even Bollywood have echoed the thought of breaking the stereotypes and raise the voice against gender inequality.

In Ki & Ka, which released last week, Arjun Kapoor played the role of a house husband, while Kareena Kapoor played the role of a bread-winner. Man’s World (by Yash Raj Film’s youth division Y-Films), conceptualize the fact about a parallel universe where the role of the either gender will be reversed.

So, while there’s a conversation about change happening, we look at how things stand in the real world.

Infographic: Gender Inequality in India

Salary of Indian Crickter

part 2

TV Star salary in India

TV Star salary in India

Women in e-commerce India

Bollywood actors salary

Celebrities Salary

Infographic Source: Hindustan Times



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