How to Apply: Easy and Hassle-free Visa Application process for Dubai

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Visa Application for Dubai

Visiting Dubai has been a dream for many people all over the world, to catch the glimpse of its spectacular beauty. Its sky scrapers, infrastructure, facilities and ambience are a must to explore for anybody. Some people also visit Dubai for the world class medical facilities available here at the most affordable cost possible. Applying and attaining Dubai Visa for Indians is also easy and affordable when it is done through proper channels.

What is a Dubai Tourist Visa?

Dubai tourist Visa is a single entry tourist visa that is used to visit the country. The Visa is valid for 14 days and is a single entry short term visa with no scope for extension. Tourists can avail of this visa, if they are visiting Dubai for a short trip. It is possible to get the Visa online either by oneself or through a qualified agent. The visa is generally a paper visa that means the visa is a pdf that one needs to print and carry with them while visiting the country.

The processing time of the Dubai Visa for Indians varies between three to eight working days and the cost of the UAE tourist visa varies between Rs. 4,500 and Rs. 16,500, depending on the duration of the visa and the urgency of the person applying for the visa. The maximum duration of the stay can be anywhere between 96 hours and 90 days. Though the cost of a visa is a little expensive, it is worth it to visit the country.

Documents that are important to apply for Visa:

There are generally six types of Dubai tourist Visa, namely Dubai 14 days’ tourist Visa, 30 days’ visa, and 90 days’ tourist visa and Dubai 14 days’ express tourist visa, Dubai 30 days’ express tourist visa and Dubai 90 days’ express tourist visa. The documents that are required to process all of these visas are essentially the same and are as follows,

  • Scanned color copy of the first and the last page of the passport. It is important for the validity of the passport to be at least six months from the date of travel.
  • It is important for the passport to have a minimum of three blank pages.
  • The next important document to submit is the scanned color copy of the passport size photograph with white background
  • Copy of pan card.
  • Return flight ticket

Applying for Dubai Tourist Visa:

It is pretty simple and easy to apply for a Dubai Tourist visa online by oneself or through a qualified agent. The tourist visa is essentially a paper visa and the visa will be available as a pdf that can be downloaded and printed. The copy can be carried with the user while visiting Dubai. Applying for the Visa through online agents helps with two major things. It takes the pain out for applying for the visa and ensure that the trip does not get ruined by unforeseen visa rejections. It is also possible to get the visa at the most affordable cost possible while applying through online agents.


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