Humanity Restored: 20 Year old Sikh gentleman Removes Turban to Save Hurt Muslim Woman

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Manjeet Singh

For the Sikh community, the turban also known as puggree is a crucial and imperative representation of belief and faith. But the inspirational and encouraging teenagers never consider twice before dropping it for a substantial cause. For the Sikh community, Turban is a special cloth which helps to preserve the Sikh identity and beliefs. This custom of wearing a turban was made compulsory by Guru Gobind Singh to represent spirituality.

A 20-year-old teenager who belongs to Sikh community just proved that humanity is above religion and essential ethical beliefs. Manjeet Singh is a 20-year-old boy who belongs to the local village of Dewar of Trial Tehsil, J & K. He pulled off his puggree (turban) to utilize it as a life-preserving band-aid to protect the life of a bleeding female. It is reported that the female met with an accident and got hit by a truck near Awantipora.

Manjeet works as a daily-wage worker in University of Sher-e-Kashmir Agricultural Sciences and Technology. After this event of bravery, Manjeet has become quite popular in social media platforms and everyone is praising him for his bravery.

When reporters asked the brief information about the incident from Manjeet, he said: “I took the decision what anyone else in my position might have done or performed. He further added that “I saw an old woman lying on the road who was hit and blood was running out of her leg”. He, later on, couldn’t resist himself for saving her and keeping his religious views aside; he removed his turban and helped the woman.

Manjeet now wishes to get a permanent position in this university as he has an elder brother, sister and a handicapped mother to take care of. He was recruited in his father’s position that also worked as daily wage worker for almost 25 years but was never made permanent for the job. This act of bravery shown by this young man displays real methodical humanity and bonhomie. This lesson also teaches us the Indian belief of ‘Unity in Diversity’.

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8 shares, 96 points
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