If Avengers Had Indian Mom – Funny Illustrations from ScrollDroll

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Avengers Funny Illustrations

Watched Avengers: Endgame yet?

Ever imagined what our favorite Marvel heroes would do if they had an Indian mother?

Here’s a hint: More drama. More fun. More hijinks.

Mummy: The Best Agent of Shield

Who needs the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D when the Cap’s got mummy with a Vibranium umbrella???

Mummy versus Spiderman: Housecleaning Day

Spiderwebs and Indian moms have had an age-old enmity that not even Spider Man can escape!

Mummy’s Strange Neighborly Curiosity

Which Indian mom wouldn’t want a son who can literally go back in time to see Sharma ji’s entire family history?

Mjolnir and Mummy: The God of Thunder Gets a Housekeeping Lesson

Just because you’re the prince of Asgard doesn’t mean you don’t have to help with the chores. Put that hammer to good use, young man!

Hungry Hulk: Mummy versus Weight Loss

My son’s not fat, he’s chubby! -every Indian mother ever

Ant-Man versus Chappal: Too Tiny for Studies

Even Ant-Man can’t escape every angry Indian mother’s favorite weapon of doom, the chappal!

Ironed by Iron Man: Housekeeping for Billionaires

Genius. Billionaire. Playboy. Industrialist. Superhero. Also, iron-waale bhaiya!

Mummy ki Pitai: Why Thanos Wanted to End the World

Now we know why Thanos wanted to end the world. No more padhai-likhai!!

Illustrations taken from ScrollDroll Facebook Page


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