Imran Khan Becomes PM: Indians Thinking on Recent Pakistan Election

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Imran Khan Elected PM

Recently Pakistan elections were conducted and all Pakistanis and Indians eyes were on the results as this election affected Pakistan as well as India too. You all know the drama between India and Pakistan. Indian’s eyes were on the results from very beginning and people were eager for the result even everyone knew the results is in favor of Imran Khan and he was going to win this as he was ahead from all of the opposition political parties. And finally, the same happened; Imran Khan won the elections.

People are judging and making their own stories about how India will get affected from this pick by Pakistanis and how it can affect Kashmir too.

Indian Media on Pakistan Election

All the actions and speeches by Pakistani politicians were covered and streamed across India on television and results were also live there. The discussions between Public figures were live on news channels that what the power holder can do and will do.

Indian Media was busy criticizing Pakistani politicians and were assuming what matters can affect India and Indians in what way. They are now even comparing all the possibilities that can take place in India and Pakistan.

The serious discussion that media was making was how India is going to tackle all this things that Pakistani politics can give to India. Pakistan politics was major issue and point of discussion in these days.
Indian Media Criticizes: Imran Khan is the worst pick for both Pakistan as well as India.

Public Figures on Pakistan Election

Ministry of External Affairs spokesman Ravish Kumar said that “this is a good thing that from a general election Pakistanis are made to have belief in Democracy. He also said, India wants a progressive Pakistan who cooperates with their neighbor countries and it will make a more secured and terrorism free South Asia.

Mehbooba Mufti attempted to make fresh friendship relation with Imran Khan for solving the issues between these two countries India and Pakistan.

Imran Khan said that his relation will be good with India and will try to talk and trade with them and will also solve the matter of Kashmir by talking on this.

India Said about those several fights between India and Pakistan. Those wars that took place before 2003 also now and then more ceasefire but Pakistan denied it well. India also talked about this division between Indian military and Kashmr people and ways to solve this issue and stop violence.

Indian People on Pakistan Election

Indians specially netizens on social media are very possessive about this election held in Pakistan and more after the result declared that an ex cricketer now became a politician and this is a big matter to talk about on social media among youth. They are judging and making allegations on Pakistani politics and asking for stopping terrorism that Pakistani people (terrorists) are doing and making a terror free south Asia.
People on social media are also trolling Pakistanis and making their stories based on earlier problems created by Pakistan for South Asia mainly India.

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