Missed Anniversary? Romantic Ways to Making it Up for Your Love

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Anniversary is the perfect time to show your love and care for your spouse. For the first and second marriage anniversary you celebrate it with big bash. By the passing time you get more responsibilities on head. By the time it may happen you might forget the anniversary date. What next? Fear not, we have come to rescue you from this weird situation. Here are some quick and easy tricks to woo your partner. It will not bring back the day of anniversary but for sure, rewind the sweet moments of the anniversary date.

Get a Tattoo of your Anniversary Date


Get a tattoo of anniversary date on your wrist and tell your partner I will never miss it again. it is an ideal way to avoid the unwanted chaos in between you and your partner. It says you are guilty for mistake and you won’t repeat it again. If you are afraid of needles make a temporary tattoo. If she loves it then make a permanent tattoo. Bare it for your partner. Also you can handover some floral bouquets to bring a smile on her face.

Make the Celebration Unexpected & Grand


Love is not bound to date and time. It floods every time in hearts of lovers. So what you missed the anniversary date. You can still bring back the joy of the day arranging a grand party for spouse. Invite close friends and relatives. Beware do not tell her, plan a surprise party. Arrange an anniversary cake and bring her to the party place. Give her a heartwarming welcome, knee down for your mistake and utter a romantic speech to woo her. This will help to heal her heart. Once she will see your efforts for putting a smile on her face, she will forget everything happened in the past.

Get a Customized T shirt


You feel helpless when you missed the anniversary date? Generally many say sorry but that doesn’t affects much. You should make apology in the unique manner. Customized t-shirt is the best option. Just engrave a message of “Sorry” Or a “romantic note” on it. Don’t forget to print the memorable photo of your spouse. Also order another personalized t-shirt for her. If you wish you can add another customized gift with it. Your attempt is sure going to rescue from your wife’s anger.

Take the Whole Month to Make Up for it

You can add a double fun into this celebration by enjoying it for a whole month. So what you forget the anniversary date, your love is still going on and on and on. Prove it by offering her a plan of a surprise treats for a whole month. Get the weekends tours, go in spa couple treatment for a next weekend. get the romantic dinner date in her favorite restaurant for third weekend. And forth weekend hand her the romantic bouquet of roses and say why she is the best partner of your life. It will erase all the bad memories of forgotten anniversary date.

Make Sure It Never Happens Again

Make Sure It Never Happens Again

Once your efforts are done for winning back her smile make sure it never happens again. For this you need red alerts. Like you note down the date in your daily work book. Also set the alarm ahead of time in your Smartphone or laptop. There are endless choices of online reminder services. You can use it to plan for the celebration of commitment day of life. It will continuously hit you to awake and remind the day you tied the knot with your partner.

Offer an Explanation, Not an Excuse


Sure it will be the genuine reason when you forget the anniversary date. Make it clear with your partner. The more you get clear the more you will get closer in your relationship. Don’t excuse, just tell the right situation in front of your loved one. Before explaining say big “sorry” to protect yourself from terrible anger. If you have any documents or proof of it, you can convince her easily. You have a strong reason for forgetting then why you are worrying. Say her I didn’t mean it, but the situation demands. It will give you a great relief of the communication back in your life. Your explanation will help her to understand the situation. Checkout 10minuteideas to find amazing ideas to make up your mistake. Try to start the discussion with love and care. It will take time but at the end you will worth it.

So here are the win-win tricks to disappear the threat of missed anniversary. There are so many tricks but above are the fruitful and winning tricks. Obviously love doesn’t rest for the anniversary date. It longs last till the last breath of life. You can apologize for your behavior in the best manner. Your partner surely going to accept your apology, but make sure it never happens again, remind it.


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