From being a Modi hater for 10 years, to becoming an ardent Modi supporter – A Brilliant Write Up by Sofiya Rangwala

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Sofiya Rangwala
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This is a brilliant piece, written by Sofiya Rangwala, a bangalore based Dermatologist and owner of Sofiyacare Skin and Hair Clinic.

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What changed my stand despite the fact that many Muslims still continue to hound him for Gujarat riots? Before anyone assumes, let me clarify one thing- I am not a paid agent for any political party like BJP or RSS or anyone else. I am an ordinary doctor, comfortably practicing and I have no personal gains by being Modi supporter. Before my article on Intolerance went viral, I still had a good number people following my posts and I have always been vocal about matters, which are of national, social and spiritual interests. So, here I share on my change of Modi perception.

27th February 2002, the horrible day when 58 Hindus were burnt alive, which was followed by Muslims massacre. Entire India was shaken up, so were all the Muslims specially, including me and my family. Many Bohras were massacred too, and even their shops and factories were burnt down. It was a black day on humanity and sad time for any humane person. The Gujarat riot was not the first or the last or the worst riot in the history of India, but it got special attention which continues till today because of Sri Narendra Modiji, who was the CM of Gujarat then. When the incident happened, I was furious and so shocked. I only knew what the media showed and printed. I was angry at Hindus and at CM Modi. I was hardly interested in politics those days because I was a medical student then so I heard the name Narendra Modi first time only in relation to the riots. The media made us believed that it was all his doings. We believed blindly. And so began the Modi bashing and hating era.

Meanwhile, Gujarat continued to flourish and progress under the efficiency of CM Modi. There were no more riots reported and peace prevailed in Gujarat. But, how could anti nationals and media let Modi be in peace so they ensured that his name remained controversial by any means. I was ignorant, biased and blinded too until 2012. Social media was gaining significant momentum and all lies against Modiji were being exposed. I started noticing, I removed my blindfold of hatred and started interacting with trusted friends from Gujarat who gave me ground reality. My hatred faded away, which made me neutral. I realized that if there is one man, who can take India to glory, its him and none other. UPA scams were daily news for us those days and amidst all the corruption and thieves, only one man could be relied upon, which was him. I have always placed nation above petty politics and religion.

I started campaigning for him online. In 2012, I hardly had any people connected with me on Facebook but I did my part, however small it was. Once he was elected, I felt like it was my victory too. There have been many controversies which are blown out of proportion even now by both Muslims and Hindus alike. If he ignores people like Sadhvi who speak rubbish, Muslims bash him and if participates in Sufi conference, he gets bashed by Hindus who think that he is playing appeasement politics. He is the Prime Minister of India, not of Hindus or Muslims. He is working relentlessly for India and Indians. Its sad that he gets targeted from every corner even now and still media personnel and Muslims keep bringing up 2002.

All his detractors, grow up please and move on. Its been 14 years now since the riots. Even Lord Ram’s vanwaas had come to an end after 14 years! And others, who keep screaming on what he is doing or what he does by his travels, instead of screaming, do your research and see what progress India has alI ready made under his astute leadership so far. He is the only hope for India and anyone who loves their nation, cares about the development and progress, then they would support him. He needs to focus on many other issues too and there are matters for which I too oppose him like his stand on reservation, but that’s fine. In time, if God willing, he will bring in more reforms but for now India is progressing and on the way to reclaim her lost glory.

One closing question for his detractors- When was the last time a scam has been reported?

Jai Hind!

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From being a Modi hater for 10 years, to becoming an ardent Modi supporter.What changed my stand despite the fact that…

Posted by Sofiya Rangwala on Monday, March 28, 2016


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