Tim Cook Changes Twitter Handle Name to Tim Apple After Donald Trump Goofs Up His Name

Staying true to his nature, U.S president Donald Trump goofed up once again and Twitter had a field day. This time President Trump mistakenly called Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, as Tim Apple.

This hilarious incident took place at the end of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board that took place at the White House in Washington D.C. As soon as the video of President Trump addressing Tim Cook as Tim Apple released online, it not only went viral but also became top fodder for memes.

However, it seems that Tim Cook was in no mood for humour and in good spirits actually changed the name of his Twitter handle and placed the logo of Apple in place of his last name.

And how can we expect the Internet to stay calm after the Apple CEO took a dig at this hilarious mistake himself? Here are some of the funniest memes floating around the web regarding this incident.

Tweet 1:
Tweet 2:
Tweet 3:

While the Internet was having a go at this mistake, Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka joined in as well.

Tweet 1:
Tweet 2:

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