Top 10 Hindi Recipe Websites in India that You Should Follow Instantly

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Hindi Recipe Websites in India

In this period of lockdown, we have realized that all of us have a chef in us, where people are trying to make different cuisines including Indian, Italian, Chinese, and Mexican.

So here is a list of 10 best recipe websites, which you can refer to make your meal more exciting. Food is something that makes everyone happy, it may be pancakes, cupcakes, lasagna, sandwiches or a Mojito.

Top 10 Hindi Recipe Websites in India to get all your favorite recipes


Nisha Madhilika

Chef Nisha Madhilika is a 61-year-old lady, YouTube personality and a restaurant consultant; she falls first on the list because of her awesome skills in cooking. She writes food columns in Times of India, Dainik Bhaskar, Indian express and Amar Ujala. She is immensely skilled in Indian cuisine. She has around 6.3 million subscribers and has written hundreds of recipes on her blog. She was considered as YouTube top Chef along with YouTube cooking content creator in social media summits and awards. Few awful famous recipes include pizza pockets, Kachori, Dal bafla, bread rolls, gur ki kheer and the list is never-ending.


Hindi Recipe is a popular indian, Chinese, american cuisine recipe website along with recipes for munching healthy snacks and salad. You may find recipes of different juices for your breakfast. The website also has Amazing recipes of different chutneys. If you are a beginner this website is going to help you. It might be interesting to note that the website has around 110 five minute recipes, 201 breakfast options, 37 healthy recipes and 99 recipes of snacks including pani puri with detailed pictures and step by step procedure explanation. Few of the popular receipts include dosa, rasgulla, pasta, Ras malai, bread pakora and on and on and on.


He is one of the best chefs in the world, he has a TV show known as Kanha Khazana which was broadcasted in around 120 countries and had more than 500000,000 viewers. He has his food channel known as food. He was given a Padma Shri in the year 2017. He was a member of the international culinary panel. chef is famous for his work in Indian cuisine. His website has various food recipes, you may check it out!


Richa Tomar is the Author of Mjaayka website; The website has Hindi recipes of various Indian cuisines including dals and vegetables, paratha puri, salad Raita, snacks, desserts, Chutney pickles, drink and beverage along with some very interesting tips. Some of the recent dishes include Jalebi, Paneer petha Kheer, mango ice tea, soya chunk chilli recipe, so now if you are feeling tempted you may refer to the website.


The author of this website is Sanchi. Her main focus is on Indian cuisine along with making the food healthier and delicious. She lives in France, hence chez Suchi. There are very simple recipes on her website and can be quite easy for beginners because of the bifurcations including lentils and beans, curry preparation, Indian bread, choice of prices, dry vegetables, deserts cakes, cookies, South Indian, festival food, recipes by ingredients, Chinese cuisines, Italian cuisines, Mexican cuisines and Thai cuisines.


This website again provides you with a large collection of recipes in Hindi. The website has it’s an application on Google play. The website is run by Mrs Sanjay Kumari Jain. The website provides you with various categories based on cooking style and choices. There are 10-minute recipes, pickle recipes, ice cream, Italian, Kashmiri cuisine, teatime snacks, Jane food, soups and squash and a lot more. The website has three main cuisines including Gujarati, Chinese and South Indian.


This is a blog named Swad ka Safar, The author of this website is Anita Singh. The blog is quite exciting because of quite a lot of Hindi recipes including Dum Aloo, Shami kabab and dal bati. There are hundreds of recipes that you can check out when you’re tempted to eat something.


This website is run by shuchi, Who is a great cook and keeps on posting recipes of various Indian cuisines. She has recipes of appetisers and snacks, baked dishes, beverages, bread and cake, chutneys, condiments, curries, lentils, pasta, rice, salad and soup. The list is quite long. Few of the best recipes include the raw Mango salad, baked macaroni with pineapple.


The author of this website is Neetu, who is an Indian cuisine expert. Some of the most famous recipes include moong dal kachori, Gulab Jamun, Kashmiri Dum Aloo and mutter Ki barfi. The recipes are bifurcated into sweet recipes, kid recipes, cakes and bread, breakfast, main course, side dishes, snacks, regional, shakes, festival recipes and healthy recipes. It is also one of the best websites for exploring recipes in Hindi.

10. for veg lovers

This website falls last on the list, the website is named as Swadisht bhojan. She has various Hindi recipes on her blog including Rajasthani gravy Dal, Paneer korma, Sambar, some exotic vegetables and few recipes directly from the tandoor.


So here was a list of 10 best websites to refer, when in need of Hindi recipes. All the above websites provide you with multi cuisine recipes, healthy and instant recipes also. Now as you know the list of best hindi recipe websites, what is stopping you from becoming the next home chef? Start cooking and have a great delicious means with new recipes.


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