Top 5 Reasons of Cracks In House Walls and How to Fix It?

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Crack in House walls
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Who likes their home with cracks on the walls? No one! Cracks are hideous, and they can make your home look old and shabby. They even indicate that some structural problems are going on in the house. So, don’t let a small crack become a huge yawning rift in your living room wall over time.

It is imperative to know the depth of the crack to understand what kind of fix will work the best. Whether the walls need costly structural repairs or a bit of strategically-placed filler and a lick of paint will do the trick. You should never underestimate the seriousness of cracks in the wall as they can be dangerous and you can land without a roof over your head.

Enlisted below are some of the reasons that cause the walls to crack-

Too much moisture/ water damage-

Water is one of the major causes of foundational problems. When water leaks into your house, it causes the structural materials to swell, decompose, and deteriorate. This causes the walls to crack, crumble, and even start the growth of mould.

Hanging heavy items-

Sometimes hanging heavy objects on the walls can cause cracks due to stress. The walls fail to bear too much weight, thereby causing hideous cracks. There are times when you don’t notice the cracks as they are hidden behind the object and are only discovered once you remove the object or they fall off by themselves.

Weather & seasonal changes-

When the temperature drops, your home structural materials shrink, and when the temperature rises, they expand. Due to this contraction and expansion, cracks may begin to form on your walls. Although you can ignore the minor cracks, it’s advisable to keep them an eye on them.

Poor drywall installation

If the seams between drywall sheets are not correctly taped, smoothed, and sealed, then it can cause cracks in the wall after installation.


If the soil underneath the foundation is exposed to regular drying and wetting, then the volume of soil keeps on changing, which causes the foundation movements, thereby causing cracks in the house walls.

Here’s how you can repair and seal wall cracks-

You can fix the wall cracks in many ways. If there are hairline cracks on the wall, then you can easily hide it. In case of minor cracks, you can seal the cracks by applying filler and paint on the cracks.

However, if the cracks are caused due to a structural defect, then the repairing cost can be much expensive, inconvenient, and time-consuming. You should consider getting the repairs done as soon as possible. The more you delay, the more significant the problem it will create. If the damage is substantial, then you should get an expert to examine the underlying cause of the crack.

Only an expert can advise on your best options. This might even call for the participation of multiple trade people, which includes builders, plumbers or tree loppers.

If structural problems are the reason behind the cracked walls in your house, then the repairing can be very expensive. If you ignore the wall cracks now, you might find yourself living in a home that is entirely uninhabitable or even ruined.

If the damages enlarge due to your ignorance, then your home insurance provider may not cover the costs of repairing cracks. You will find yourself burdened with the expenses of relocation and renting an alternative property on top of your existing commitments. Hence, it is advisable to inform your home insurance provider as soon as you find a crack in the wall. It will help you save money in the long run.


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