Visiting the Paradise with Snowy Scenery, Manali Awaits You!

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If you are also one of those who are thinking of getting away from the scorching heat of this summer, then the best suggestion to do that is by going the place which is a very famous hill station in northern India. Yes, we are talking about Manali here. It was once called “end of the habitable world”, but now it is an attraction to thousands of tourists every year. In the hot Indian summers, one can totally use the cold atmosphere of this place to chill out and enjoy nature at its best here. This place is the perfect blend for those who love nature and are adventurous as well. With the beautiful sightseeing, you will also be able to have more adventurous activities which include skiing, hiking, mountaineering, paragliding, rafting, trekking, kayaking, and mountain biking. Speaking of it, in short, it is also known as the valley of gods. So today in this article we are going to cover most of the things when you are thinking of visiting this beautiful place situated in North India.


The beautiful city of Manali is situated in the central parts of the state of Himachal Pradesh in northern India. Manali is known as the head of the Kullu valley and is 280 km north from the state capital of Himachal Pradesh Shimla. Also, from Mandi, it is 108 km. Manali is there at an altitude of 2050 meters which is above sea level and the river Beas flows along the Manali making it a beautiful landscape. In Manali, one can find high mountains which are shrouded by the layers of silent snows and also there is deep boulder-strewn gorge which is very soothing to the eyes. The natural beauty of this place is just amazing. There are dense forests which are filled with cold breeze and the birds singing all along with the wind. This place is just mesmerizing.

Talking about the temperature of this place, in winters, the temperature drops down to the freezing point in which you need to wear heavy woollen clothing. But in summers, mild woollen clothes are recommended. The breeze here is very sweet.

About Manali

There are many hotels and resorts there from which you can get picturesque sights and a great view of temples. The splashing rivers, along with water streams, and sky-high mountains are the main attraction of this beautiful place from the hilltop and you can enjoy every little bit of the scenery of this place.

Tourism in Manali

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Seeing the best views which are offered by this place, the population of this city is increasing and the tourism here is growing at a very good rate. There are many beautiful places like hills, kunds, adventure parks and waterfalls which will catch your sight and you will just get lost into it. The beautiful scenery of Manali has made it a lover’s paradise and many people prefer to spend some quality time here in its cosy ambiance. The seasons see so many colours throughout the year, and if you planning to visit this place, so here we are going to help you in knowing which is the best season to go to this place. Below you will see how this place is like in the different time of the year. So this will help you to chart down the details and make an amazing plan to visit this place.

Summer Season in Manali

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The summer here in this region is very beautiful and it starts in the month of March and it lasts till late June. If you are looking to enjoy some activities like paragliding, rafting and mountain sports which are there in Solang Valley then it is a perfect time to visit this place. The range of temperature during this time is 10°C to 25°C. You will be able to enjoy the pleasurable whether at this time of the year and there will be a cold breeze during the nights. The snowing will only be observed in the high altitudes in the valley. So, if you are thinking of visiting this place, then it is recommended to visit this at this time of the year.

Monsoon Season in Manali

The monsoon in Manali has its own charm and it comes to the place during July and mid-September. But it is not recommended as the best time to visit this place as the danger of landslides is very common and it becomes very dangerous.

Winter Season in Manali

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So now if you are looking for the best time, then here comes the winters in Manali. The month of October to February is known as the winter season and indeed the snowy scene in this place will take your soul away. So if you are looking to enjoy the chilly weather and want to have the pleasure of fresh snowfall. The temperature drops below the freezing temperature.

Events/Festivals in Manali

If you want to dive in the cultural part of this city then the Dussehra and Hadimba Devi Festival are known to be the two major festivals in Manali. You will see a great deal of pomp and enthusiasm among the citizens and the tourists during this time. The first festival is celebrated during the October/ November and the place becomes so much lively and you can see the people enjoying this place at this time. Another eye-catching festival is the Hadimba Devi Festival. In this festival, so many people from different cities and all over the state come and see the colourful ambiance and have the festivities which are held within the temple complex. The fair is organized and it is help in the month of May. This could be the best time to visit manali to enjoy the culture of this place at its best.

So, if you are already planning to visit this place and already picturing playing with snow with your loved ones, then you should not wait anymore. This amazing place is waiting for you and to have a great and memorable stay here.


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