Wear Perfect Cotton Joggers to Look Stylish and Trendy

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Wear Perfect Cotton Joggers to Look Stylish and Trendy

There are a lot of fashion trends going on for men currently, however, none of them is as comfortable as joggers. Joggers are no more called the loungewear they used to be, this is because of how fashionable they have become over time. They are similar to the sweat pants one wears to the gym, just not that tight though.

Joggers are now known as casuals and a good chunk of people are addicted to them as they are lightweight, easy to wear and care and also provide a lot of comforts. People have started wearing joggers as casuals and sometimes even at workplaces. There are various streetwear joggers available for men and men’s slim-fit joggers are the real deal, the latest trend.

Men for the first time are feeling liberated from body-hugging clothes which is making these hip-hop joggers for men so popular. Joggers are known for the versatility they provide. One can wear them all the time, while also looking good.

While now, one gets the point as to why they are gaining so much traction, some men are still lagging, and here is some advice to up their game with stylish joggers from This Is Kra. Some basic tips and one is good to go.

Choosing The Right Fabric

When people hear about joggers for the first time, some lower sort of image comes to their mind made of nylon and all. However, these days joggers are available in the best fabrics. The best joggers for men are the ones made up of cotton as cotton lets them be comfortable and also lets the air pass.

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There are various other types of fabrics that joggers come in as well, however, cotton is what suits their needs the most and isn’t wearing joggers all about comfort right? So why choose something that’s not comfortable. On This Is Kra the joggers one finds are mostly 90-100% cotton. This says a lot about how comfortable they are and the quality is top-notch.

One should keep in mind that they can be various patterns and prints on the joggers that don’t affect it much but the fabric should be cotton as that is something that adds comfort to wearing it and comfort is something that should not be compromised.

Styling Your Look

Wearing joggers and styling your look in them is very important. One may buy hip-hop joggers for men but if not styled properly, it just loses their charm. There are some styling tips that one may follow to look at their best-wearing joggers –

Casual look –

If one is wearing streetwear joggers for men and is looking for a casual look one can try wearing black joggers with a white shirt or an oversized hoodie to flaunt the look.

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However, if one wants then one can match the same black joggers with other color shirts as well, just remember light and dark make a better contrast and don’t forget to wear shoes of the same color as your t-shirt as that is what will make the look stand out.

Formal look –

If one wishes to draw a formal look with the joggers that they are wearing, the first thing would be to tuck them in and wear a simple shirt of any solid color like white or sky blue, or maybe light pink. The formal look can be achieved if the joggers are not printed hence keep this in mind as well.

One can opt for men’s slim-fit joggers in solid color along with a solid color shirt and tuck it in, pair this up with formal shoes and you’re good to go.

Different Kinds Of Joggers –

Sometime ago If one went and searched for cool joggers they won’t find many varieties in joggers. However, our favorite Youtuber Be You Nick took matters into his own hands and when he formed This Is Kra, he took special time and devotion to add great varieties to joggers. As a result, today men are bundled with choices for the same. One may choose from different kinds of joggers such as –

Cargo Joggers

Just like cargo pants, these are cargo joggers. Just as cargo pants were known for having various pockets, are these joggers that have various pockets around 4-5 of them. The extra pockets look is a great flaunt as well as useful to carry something on you always.

These cargo joggers are 97% cotton which gives you comfort which knows no bounds. These men’s slim-fit joggers are trendy and do look great when paired up with a good shirt and some sneakers are known to have an impact on everyone and up your fashion game wherever you go.

Denim Joggers

Denim is just something that can just never go out of fashion. From denim jeans to denim shirts to denim jackets and shorts, now your favorite fabric is available in joggers as well. Yes, these denim joggers look like jeans, however, they are made up of cotton only. Containing around 92% cotton they are cotton joggers but the look they have is of denim.

They are not made using denim as denim again is something that one can wear in jeans as is not as comfortable as cotton. Hence, to give comfort and provide a stand-out look as well these joggers are here to save the day.

Carrot Fit Joggers

These are the best hip-hop joggers for men. Designed specially as streetwear for men these are the joggers that stand out. People love them so much that often call them as best joggers for men. This is because these carrot fit joggers provide a fit so unique that people love to wear them because of the comfort they provide.

There are various types of clothing that men can wear to up their style game, however, not all are comfortable. Hence, finding something that is unique, trendy, and comfortable becomes difficult. However, joggers are so comfortable people can sleep in them, they are super trendy and unique that people just love to wear them. Try out different types of joggers for men and feel the comfort and style.


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