10 Popular Hindu Cultures & Amazing Scientific Reasons Behind Them

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Henna/ Mehandi | Awesome India
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Hinduism is one of the oldest religions of the world and comprises of so many traditions and customs which are being followed for generation. But the GenY who loves to find ample logic behind every activity, often consider these customs as superstitions and mock them as Sanaskari people.

But do you know, all these traditions and customs have strong scientific reasons which are being documented in Vedas, the four pillars of Hindu religion.

Let’s have a look at the 10 such Popular Hindu cultures and scientific reasons behind them:



In hindu culture, when people show their respect or to greet someone, they join the palm of their two hands which is known as “Namaskar”. The main reason for such posture is to show respect. But scientifically speaking, when we join our palms, the tips of the finger of two hands touch each other which denote the pressure points of eyes, ears and mind. At the time of namaskar, the pressure points get activated to help us remember the person for a longtime.

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Henna/ Mehandi

Painting awesome artwork with henna/mehandi in hands is a must for the brides in Hindu wedding. But enhancing the beauty is not only the purpose of henna. This is a powerful medicinal herb which keeps her body cool and prevents headache and other problems caused from stress.

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Applying tilak in between the eyebrows on the forehead is believed to press a major nerve point in the human body which helps to retain the concentration level high and prevent the loss of energy. At the time of applying tilak, the points of mid eye-brows and Adnya-chakra get pressed automatically which stimulates the blood circulation in the facial muscles.

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Toe Ring

Generally married women wear toe-rings in their second toe. Have you try to find out the reason – there is also science behind that. A particular nerve connects the second toe with uterus and passes to heart. The wearing of toe ring is said to strengthen the uterus and regularize the menstruation.

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Sindoor/ Vermillion   

Ever wonder why married women apply sindoor in their forehead? A deep scientific reason behind this custom. Sindoor is prepared from turmeric, lime and metal mercury. The metal mercury controls the blood pressure and drives sexual desires into women. That’s why; widows are strictly prohibited from applying sindoor.

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Bells in the Temple

We can found bells hanging just in front of main doorstep in almost every temple and we rang them while entering into the temple. The sharp sound of the bells clears our mind and helps us to concentrate fully into the devotional purpose. The sound of the bells sustains at least for 7 seconds which activate the healing centers of our body.

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Piercing Ears

Indian philosophers and physicians believe that piercing ears helps in the development of power of thinking, intellect and decision making abilities.

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According to Ayurveda, accumulation of numerous toxic materials into the body is responsible for many diseases. Fasting after a considerable time gap helps resting the organs of our digestive system and all body parts are cleaned and corrected.

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Not Sleep Keeping Heads towards North

The human body has its own magnetic field and the Earth is also a giant magnet. When you sleep with your head pointing north, your body’s magnetic field becomes asymmetrical to the Earth’s, causing blood pressure and other related problems since your heart needs to work harder to overcome this.

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Image Source: youtube.com


Wearing Bangles

Women generally wear bangles in their wrist and constant friction with the bangles here helps to increase the blood circulation and also reverted back the body electricity which passes through the outer skin of the body.

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