4 Best Ways to Make Money on Instagram India in 2019

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Make Money on Instagram

If you’re reading this, we can guess that you’re from India and are already an active user of Instagram.

Instagram is hugely popular in India – with 72 million active users and counting as of 2019. You will have no doubt seen the Instagram celebs or influencers and follow many of them.

Did you know there are people who make millions of dollars from Instagram? Sure, that’s a lot of money, and most of those who make this sort of money from Instagram are major celebrities already.

You can make money on Instagram India too – although you’re only a young person who is just starting out. You can easily make about $1,000 to $2,000/month on Instagram provided you follow the best practices, work hard and are smart about it.

Let’s discuss how.

Be an Instagram Influencer

There is a lot of money to be made as an Instagram influencer in India. Influencers are those with a massive following on the social media. When you have many followers, let’s say 100,000 or more, that will give you an opportunity to mint a fortune on Instagram.

We shall discuss the many different ways to monetize your Instagram follower count next, but understand this – it’s not just the number of followers you have, but the quality and level of engagement that matters. Having fake followers will not help you much.

Sell Your Photographs on Instagram

Are you a talented photographer? You’re in luck, as Instagram makes it possible for people to make good money from selling their photographs online. Instagram is anyway a photo-sharing platform.
While most of the photos you can download off Instagram are free, you can also set up a paywall and sell the rights to your best photographs for a reasonable fee.

There is a lot of demand for picturesque photographs from various historic landmarks and wildlife sanctuaries in India, for example. This is a very good way to make money fast on Instagram India.
Similarly, you can sell other physical and digital products on Instagram as well.

Promote Brands as an Influencer

We talked about being an Instagram influencer in India. How do influencers make money? By promoting brands and sharing products or services of other businesses on the social media to their vast groups of followers.

Influencers are trusted by their followers and are considered as experts within their niche. So their endorsement carries a lot of weight and big brands pay very good money to influencers for promoting their products.
Is this something you can do?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the oldest way to make money online. Affiliate marketing on Instagram works pretty much the same as it does on blogs, podcasts and YouTube. Basically, you will get paid a commission for every lead you send to an external website of a business or company, from the resulting sale.

The important thing is to promote products and services that you’re familiar with and within an industry or niche that you’re already a part of. Also, join affiliate programs such as ClickBank, RewardStyle and Amazon’s Affiliate Program.
You have to establish trust and credibility with your audience to be successful as an affiliate marketer on Instagram India.


You will need a way to download all the beautiful pictures on Instagram and convert them into full-size images or wallpapers. Instagram won’t do that for you – you will need a special Instagram app called Wooper.

Wooper allows you to download photos, videos and full-size Instagram DPs. It is ridiculously easy to use – you can save photos, videos and DPs from Instagram pages as full-sized wallpapers and repost the same with a single tap.

Wooper for Android

Wooper iPhone


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