4 Important Tips on How to Sell your Car

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Sell your Car

The automobile industry is booming. As disposable income in households across India continues to rise, the sale of automobiles and even second-hand automobiles continues to rise. A lot of families have started keeping multiple cars, one primary, and a few secondary and tertiary cars that are usually second-hand purchases. As such, if you’re looking to sell a car, now’s the perfect time to go about it.

There are a lot of different methods people use to sell cars. You can go about it in the traditional method by placing an ad in the newspaper, putting up a “For Sale” sign on your window, or simply through word of mouth. Alternatively, you can also use a number of online platforms for used cars and second-hand car buying services as well.

If you’re purchasing a second-hand car, you should also get yourself a comprehensive car insurance so that you’re financially secured in case it breaks down or turns out to be unreliable.

How to Sell your Car?


The first step when it comes to selling your car always includes preparation so as to present it in the best condition possible to increase the price of the car. This can mean a number of things:

1. Remove all personal items from the car so the buyer can envision the car as their own rather than someone else’s. Furthermore, if there are scratches, dents, etc, you should get rid of them because first impressions are often the last.

2. Compile all your car documents together and make copies of them. Buyers feel a lot safer buying second-hand cars if they receive all the documents with it.

3. Use a high-quality camera and take several photographs of the car from every conceivable angle. You can even refer to professional car photographs to determine the best angles.

4. When you create the advertisement, be sure to add the best photographs along with all possible relevant information, including the reason for selling, the original price and asking price, the service history, year of manufacture, kilometers travelled, etc.

5. Set the right price for your car. If it’s too high, people will prefer to buy a brand new car, and if it’s too low then buyers may get suspicious or you may do yourself a disservice.

Meeting the Potential Buyers

When you start interacting with the potential buyer, answer all their questions directly. Once you gauge the potential buyer and find them to be genuine, send scans of all relevant documents and set up a time of meeting. When you meet them, allow them to go for a test drive. However, if they want some time to manage their finances, then ask for a deposit to hold off negotiations.

Document Provision

Wait for the cheque or demand draft to be cleared and for your account to be funded before you proceed with the handover. You should keep scans of all the documents for yourself and give over whatever is relevant. Furthermore, you should also ask for a self-attested copy of the buyer’s government ID and address proof.


After you sell the car, you need to inform the RTO by sending copies of all the relevant documents. Only if you do this will you be freed from responsibility regarding any actions that may be taken with the car. Furthermore, if you have car insurance, you should also contact your insurance company to either transfer the insurance or get it canceled.

If you follow these steps and methods, you should be able to efficiently and safely sell your car with the least amount of hassle possible.


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