10 Best Offbeat Honeymoon Destinations in India

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Honeymoon Destinations India

Going for a honeymoon is no less exciting part than your wedding day! Once the wedding ceremony gets over, all you crave for packing your bags and get straight en route your long-awaited honeymoon destination! A honeymoon is the best way to run away from the structured living and start off a loving, romantic journey with the love of your life! You get to know each more closely when you travel together. It’s not simply about celebrating your marriage, a honeymoon is more than a mere trip! The honeymoon is the time when you start feeling the sense of togetherness. For this, you need a perfect destination which is peaceful and beautiful enough to bring you closer and create unforgettable memories for life!

A lot of couples nowadays are endeavouring to explore new honeymoon destinations rather than going for the mainstream and cliche ones. So we thought of giving you a list of suggestions you could always consider for your offbeat honeymoon destinations in India.

Alappuzha, Kerala

A beautiful lake, astounding scenery and yes, you in a houseboat with your partner! Sounds romantic right? Alleppey or famously known as Alappuzha is magically beautiful place in Kerala. It’s amazing to see how the beach wears an ornament of coconut trees and beautifies your special moments. The best time to visit this place is between September or October since the climate is fabulous at this particular time.

Tarkarli, Maharashtra

Dive into the underwater life of Tarkarli with your partner, and you’ll be one with the vibrant colours of your surroundings! The attractive beaches enrapture your mind and take you into a different romantic world! Tarkarli is indeed an exceptional option for the ones fond of beaches.

Additionally, you can make your honeymoon time fun with snorkelling, scuba diving, dolphin spotting, paragliding and many other water sports to explore! While the engaging, fun events pass by, the heritage of Sindhudurg is yet to amuse you with its breathtaking structure, the view and thrilling stories of historical achievements.


The islands of Lakshadweep have tucked away around 300 KM off the Kerala Coast. The beaches here are less crowded enough to give you privacy and calmness to soak up more sun and woo your partner. You could also do kayaking, snorkelling and some fun boat rides with your loved one!

If you’re looking for some venturesome activities with the partner, you won’t find any better option than scuba diving! The underwater marine life and corals are fun to explore making your honeymoon memorable!

Shillong, Meghalaya

Away from the mainstream tourist list, Shillong is one of the most exquisite places to visit. You can make your honeymoon go romantic in the peace and scenic beauty. The place is also known as Scotland of the east. The picture-perfect waterfalls around the hill station and living root bridges will amaze you with its breathtaking experience of walking by. It does not end here! You could also do spelunking and explore the caves of Meghalaya.

Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

Though the place is picturesque and a darling of northeast mountains, it’s unknown to many. But that’s what makes it perfect honeymoon destination. The Nuranang waterfalls flatter you with its incredible cascade of water drops! If this is not enough to fill your trip with romantic moments, the Shonga-tser lake is already here to fulfil it all! If your honeymoon happens to be in the winter, what’s a better fun thing to experience than some skiing at Pankang Teng Tso Lake!

Haflong Assam

Behold your partner in the paradise green rolling hills Haflong is another beauty of northeast prominence. Besides, boasting of rich wildlife, colourful blossoms, blue sky take you to a different beautiful side of Haflong. It tranquilises your heart and soul to wake up to the calm morning accompanying the chirping of adorable birds. Paragliding is there for the fun-loving couples while the foodie in you will be happier to feast on the local cuisine. Here, you experience the eats and beats of Assam culture.

Coorg, Karnataka:

The coffee hamlet of south India, Coorg is an-all-season-destination for lovebirds! The green hills, the coffee gardens, the captivating wildlife, Coorg surely has so much to offer to make your honeymoon the best time of your love-life! Tiger spotting, walking by the waterfalls while watching scenic spots around Coorg will delight your time leaving you enchanted. Well, there more! River rafting! It can be one of the venturesome experience for you!

Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh:

Stumble on the never-ending woods of Khajjiar with the bright backdrop of snow-covered Himalaya. You can get many sneaks peek photos to freeze your the fun moments in pictures. March, April, May, June would be the best time to visit Khajjiar. Kalatop Sanctuary is famous spot for travellers as it has dense deodar woods and lovely greenery

Gokarna, Karnataka:

Rocky beaches, crystal clear water and blue skies! Gokarna can be a great option for your honeymoon destination if you love beaches. This place gives you the best of both worlds with its incredible beaches and mind-boggling hilly treks.

Daman and Diu:

Daman and Diu is a perfect place for the sweet beginning of your married life! A place where you can do beach trekking, get relaxed with soothing massage services, gratify your foodie with its local food and most importantly, chill with your one and only under the star-studded sky! You can even get liquor to accompany at cheap rates.

While the list of destinations is prancing in your mind, you will have to think of reliable travel companies which would offer you not only good services but also are easy to your pocket. While choosing this perfect tour partner, you have to see to it that the company is professional enough to take care of most responsibilities while also giving you enough privacy to let you enjoy your romantic time. One the duo is set, all you need to do is pack your bag and start the countdown.

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