(Infographic) Motorcycling : Interesting Facts & Statistics

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Motorcycle industry in India was not so huge 20 years ago as it is now. In fact last year, India surpassed China to become the largest two wheeler market globally, selling over 19 million units.

It has been over 6 decades when motorcycles first made appearance in India, courtesy of Royal Enfield. Back then, these were required by the Indian army.

The civilian population did not have access to them, barring of course the rich and royal, who could afford to get them from outside the country. But that population was very less.

It was only in 90s that motorcycling started picking up. Before that, one could only see scooters and mopeds on the road.

Initially, motorcycles were used more as means of utility. As the demand soared, more manufacturers started investing in it.

One of the major reasons behind its growing popularity was high mileage. Though scooters were certainly more family friendly because of their design and addition of emergency tyre, but they were not as fuel efficient.

Fuel prices have increased by over 250% in the last 20 years. Though I would not comment from an economist’s perspective but I can say with confidence that motorcycle industry is looking promising and set to last for years to come.

Motorcycling has also attracted leisure riders in the recent years. Companies like Hero, Bajaj, Yamaha, TVS and Enfield are going strong with a large portfolio of new age models, catering to both young and middle aged population.

Riding craze is also catching up in women. They wish to ride more of scooters or scooties, as they fondly call it in this part of the world. Men prefer motorcycling which is considered a symbol of machismo.

Now that we have quickly peeked into Indian motorcycling market, let me share this wonderful infographic on Motorcycling facts and statistics. I’m sure you’ll love it –

Motorcycling Facts & Statistics



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