4 Mobile Applications to Design Stunning Images

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If you are one of those who like to share in your social networks the phrases that inspire you or famous but well-designed phrases with impressive images, this post is for you.

I like to make my own images for my post. They are my own images, they belong to me. I do not complicate myself and I make simple designs but I think that I give a touch of personality and originality to my Blog.

It is also a way to feed my social networking profiles and generate traffic to my Blog.

If you do not find a photo that represents exactly the topic of your post, do not think too much. Why not add a beautiful image with a related phrase or the same post?

There are studies that confirm that  the human brain is capable of processing an image 60,000 times faster than text and hence the exponential growth of social networks of images and videos such as Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube and other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus where image and video have more impact than text.

Why use awesome images for your inspirational phrases?

  • The typography is an art and can be a creative way to show inspirational quotes, famous quotes and other powerful messages, why not create them with tools?
  • Create a very strong connection between the post and the image. As Víctor Campuzano explains, in a recent article in his blog, which incidentally, you will like it a lot.
  • The images are more viral than the text, it will help the content to spread in social networks and that benefits you to let you know.
  • You make your content visual and attractive. Everything goes through the eyes, when someone reads an article that has design, it makes it more entertaining.
  • People no longer read as before, we scan, including attractive images is a way to attract more people .
  • By using your own images, you are creating your personal brand, it is leaving a mark. What is your visual mark?

Little by little have proliferated mobile applications to design and edit photos with text, it is fashionable for people to share real moments and photos with phrases. Social networks like Instagram and Pinterest are proof of this.

These applications allow you to achieve your own designs, getting stunning images and best of all, made by you. Although they are still far from the design tools, with which you get more and better possibilities, but if you have ingenuity and you like, they can be useful and get very creative ideas.

4 Applications that will be very easy for you to design stunning images

Here are four applications for making text images, visual and easy to share that will help you to viral faster than a simple text.

I start the list by talking about Rhonna designs. It allows you to choose your own funds, either from a photo library or taking a photo at that time, such as certain predetermined backgrounds to which you can apply filters, masks to achieve a transparent effect, frames, add text, symbols. Once completed you can share it with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and by mail. Application price 1.79 €.

InStatus is free and has PRO version. It is one of my favorites to offer the greatest variety. It offers many possibilities, and is very easy to use. You can choose from many backgrounds, add a photo of yourself, choose from different fonts, enlarge, reduce, align, change color, and add design elements such as stickers, ornaments, drawings, frames, phrases, borders, many free and some Of the PRO version. You can share it with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and by mail or send it to your fan page. In the free version comes your logo as a watermark.

Notegraphy aims to revolutionize the world of texts because it will allow you to give a different format to everything you publish. You can make your own sentence images by choosing a pre-designed style. Usually use the first letter of your sentence for the main design and you have an option to choose between 3 different shapes of each design. It is as simple as these three steps: writing, applying the style and sharing. It is free.

Over, allows you to upload your own photos or take one, add text, choose the letter, enlarge the size, reduce it, darken or clarify the photo, with the text, align it, add certain stickers, although there is not much flexibility, you Let him do something At the end you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Path, send by message or by email. The application price is € 1.79. You can compare a package of 200 more fonts for € 0.89.

Do you know any other application for the mobile that allows you to create your own images with phrases?


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