5 Secret Beaches of Goa That You Should Definitely Explore

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secret beaches of goa
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Goa today, has as good as become the face of parties and pubs in India. And very correctly so. The coastal city boasts of kick-ass parties and many fun-loving pubs, all through the year. And hundreds of people flock to these fun places every year. But there is more to Goa than meets the eye. Of course, the beaches are no new thing to this place. But there is more to those water bodies as well. Here is a list of some offbeat, unexplored secret beaches of Goa that must be on your list, the next time you visit the place.

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Kakolem Beach

A 31 km ride away from the Margaon city, this is the place you have to be in, if you are looking to have some alone time on the beaches of Goa. Make the ride all the more joyful by taking a bike on rent in Goa and riding to the beach with friends. This beach is rich with overflowing scenic beauty all around. Every minute you pass at this beautiful location will make you fall in love with the place even more. The sand on the shore is clear and smooth and the water as clean as it can get.

Hollant Beach

A perfect place to hangout, for non-swimmers. The shallow blue waters of the beach slowly merge into the deep sea, a long distance from the shore, making it the ideal place for non-swimmers to be at. Some sea side local shops sell some mouth-watering sea food for you to taste. The best thing about this beach is the sunrise and sunset views it offers. Visit this place alone or with friends, to stay away from all the crowd.

Arambol Beach

Another of Goa’s secret beaches, albeit the usual crowd. A cove shaped beach, offering a beautiful view of the cliffs around it. If swimming is your thing, then this is surely the place for you. The water is shallow and the steep is very less. You can enjoy a good dip in its clear waters before you head for a scrumptious meal in any of the nearby café/restaurant. You can also feed the adventure enthusiast in you by paragliding from the nearby cliffs. Arambol is the best place for you to find some peace for yourself. Meditate of the shore or try out some yoga.

Galgibaga Beach

This place is of great scientific importance to humankind as it is the breeding place for the Olive Ridley Turtle. Being 18 kms away from the main part of the city, this beach is the cleanest beach in Goa. Its crystal-clear waters, the line of coconut trees, silver white sand and hardly a few feet to trend on it, make it all the more desirable. The place is isolated and away from the shutterbugs. You may want to pack food along with you as finding any restaurant or café to eat at, would be problematic.

Cola Beach

The road leading to this wonderful destination, is the trailer to the beautiful movie that is this beach. The stretch of road leading upto Canacona and further, demands to be ridden on. Get your Bike and set on this journey to the flawless Cola beach. Although just a few kms away from the main points of the city in reality, virtually the place is far away from the city life and offers a mind-blowing view of a private lagoon playing hide and seek with people. Visit this place just once and you are sure to come back to it the next time you are in Goa.


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