5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Office Birthday to Improve Co-ordination and Work Culture

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Celebrate Office Birthday
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Do you people celebrate Office birthday at your workplace or organization? Are they fun? Well, it all depends on you how you want to make it. Celebrating office birthdays can never go out of style. It gives you a break from for monotonous schedule, helps to improve the work culture. Even if your work culture is fantastic, you still get to eat the cake. You know celebrating a birthday is one way to show appreciation to your co-workers. You know what they say “a little goes a long way.” No doubt that a simple act like cake cutting at a workplace means a lot for the birthday person. Your co-workers will appreciate it. But it surely doesn’t make it mandatory that it should be boring. Try to make it an entertaining one just the way you would expect others to do it for you. So that next time your co-worker should not think whether they should celebrate their birthday at the office; instead, they should be more excited to celebrate it in the office itself.

Office birthday can be fun. Even if you are not very close to your co-workers, but it helps to lift the team spirit. And you know, you get to know the fun side of people you could never have imagined are capable of doing fun.  I’ll tell you what happens in my office. Cake celebration is literally brutal. So it goes like this, they order cake online in Delhi, and we all start decently by gathering at one place with a birthday person in the center. Very calmly the cake cutting process starts, and before we know, everyone was smearing each other with cake cream. I could literally see cream fly around the room, and anyone could be the victim. At first, it was all new for me, and I was stunned to see what was happening around (while obviously saving myself from being one of the victims). Now I appreciate it and look forward to birthdays. If you too want to unwrap some fun activities,

Here are some tips on how to celebrate office birthday and make them fun, and trust me; it will not even cost you a fortune.

Play all hands

Birthday is the perfect time to interact with your fellow employees. Celebrate birthdays by incorporating games like recognize employees at all hands. It is an exciting game. The birthday person is blindfolded, and he or she has to recognize the hands of fellow mates. If no one has ever played games in your office before this, initiate yourself. Who knows you land up surprisingly starting a trend. 

Give extra time off

Don’t you agree that nothing gives you an adrenaline rush more than bunking office in the office hours (not even the weekends)?. If your office doesn’t really celebrate birthdays, you can talk to your superiors and arrange a day off for the birthday person. Or you can suggest starting a trend to give a short vacation in the birthday month. Oh and yes, the day off should be a paid one, else the surprise will turn into shock for the receiver. 

Decorate desk

My friend once told me that in their office what they do is, they decorate the desk or cubical of the birthday person. Trust me; when he said decoration, he was not talking about the normal decoration. For that, they cover up the screen by tapping on memes that relate to the concerned person before the other person even arrives. Since we get the cake delivery same day, they even place a cake along with the decoration. They also collect messages from around the office and keep it anonymous, and anyone can write anything, and then birthday person has to read them aloud in front of everyone. I really liked this custom.

Go for Group Birthdays

If you want to save some extra time and money but want to make it grand at the same time, the option is to opt for group birthdays. Jot down the names of people sharing the same birthday month, and at the end of the month, decide one day to celebrate all birthdays. This way all of you can chip in an amount which otherwise was spent in installments. You will be able to collect a higher amount; hence, you will be ready to celebrate the day with pomp and show. 

Play Red Hands

Another game to jolt up your party- red hands! Yes, it is as dangerous as it sounds. You must have played it at your school time. Time to revive your memories. If not, let me tell you how it is played. All members place palms over each other, then one by one you withdraw palms and hit the topmost hand with full force. Sounds fun, right? And whoever tells you that you need to maintain decorum in work culture, slap them even harder. 

These were the tips that can light up everyone’s mood and end up in being fun birthday ideas. While making it all fun, don’t forget the cake. I would suggest to get cake delivery well in advance.

Image by Elkaaaaaaa from Pixabay


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