Handmade and Love-Filled Gift Ideas For Your Dad’s Birthday

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Your dad deserves a lot more credit and appreciation for the person who you are today. He fulfils all the demands for the family. He always compromises all the luxuries and comforts for the sake of family’s betterment. Your dad’s birthday is almost around the corner and this birthday, you should put some serious effort and time to make the moment really special for your dad. It’s time to gift him something that he really deserves.

When it comes to gifting your dad with something of a heart touching on his birthday, nothing could be more delighting for him than a personalized birthday gift. Now this article tells you about some of the really heart-touching personalized gifts that can bring the brightest smile on your dad’s face.

With some very normal and regular day used materials, get ready to greet, gift and celebrate on this joyous occasion.

Awesome handmade gifts that you can make in a jiffy –

Handmade Card:

Let’s begin the game with the personalized card that can be made with the recycled card board. You can simply turn it into a small desktop standee that your dad can easily place on his office table. You can get as much creative as you wish with the materials in this activity. Using button and yarn could be a nice idea. Never forget to make this gift more personalized with the heart touching message on it.


Business Card Holder

This particular gift not only looks excellent but at the same time, this gift is highly functional too. Have you ever thought that you can just a turn a soap box into a personalized business card holder? All you need are the soap box and coloured papers and you are all set to make a nice looking business card holder that you can place on your dad’s desk. Suiting it up by designing your dad’s favourite office outfit could be a nice idea. This will definitely help your dad to put an end to his over stuffed wallet!

Business card holder
Image Source: Alibaba.com

Travelling Bag:

If your dad is a frequent traveller, giving this gift could be the best idea. Make a nice travelling bag for your dad- so he will always think about you when he is miles away. Try to design the bag with an artistic pattern and using shoe lace and craft paper would be the great idea in this purpose.

Travelling Bag
Image Source: eBay.com

Make A Homecooked Birthday Meal:

Usually our dads love meals that are homemade and if your dad is also not an exception to it, make him happy as Larry with a nice brunch menu that you cook all by yourself. You don’t need to be a professional chef in order to make the meal, all your gestures and effort will matter the most to him. It’s the birthday of your dad and you should not forget to order a delicious birthday cake for your dad as we all know the fact that any kind of celebration is almost incomplete without a cake cutting celebration. You can bake a cake by yourself but if you don’t have time or you don’t know how to bake a cake at home then you can easily order birthday cake for father from any reputed online store.

Homecooked Birthday Meal
Image Source: Delish.com

Key Holder:

Make a colourful key holder for your dad with the recycled cardboard pieces. Since most dads are known for misplacing the keys and in that case, this colourful key holder could be a nice gift idea for your dear dad.

Key Holder
Image Source: Adhunikproducts.com

Photo Frame Gift:

How about taking a trip down to memory lane? Turn those good old days alive by going through the old photos with your dad. Collect the favourite photo memories of your dad and stick them on the handmade photo frame. It’s a perfect early morning surprise for your dad.

Photo Frame Gift
Image Source: Pinterest.com

Though one day is not enough to let your dad know how much you love and respect him, but you should not leave any stone untouched on his birthday. Wish a very happy birthday to the best superhero of your life- your beloved dad.


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