Quintessential Travel Outfits For All The Women Visiting India

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Women Visiting India

Traveling through the length and breadth of incredible India feels like an experience of a lifetime. The country has some of the most diverse landscapes, right from vast deserts to snowy mountains, wide valleys to dense jungles. Thus, planning your travel outfits for your trip to India is definitely going to need more time than ever. You have to keep in mind the season and weather of the states or cities that you are traveling. In India, culture, and customs also play a big part in deciding the attires so that is another one of the many considerations when you are packing your bags for the trip. Keeping all of the facets in mind, the following are few of the ideas in deciding travel outfits for the women travelers to India.

1. Thin, loose trousers

Thin, loose trousers can feel like a lifesaver when you come to India. The sultry weather of the country makes trousers a great choice for daywear. Take a few trousers with bright and bold colors and a few others in black. Make sure that the trousers are roomy and airy to allow you to be comfortable during the long hours of walking and exploring. You get such trousers in any of the high street brands. Alter the length of the trouser to suit your height so that it does not trail all along the roads of India.

2. Plain, comfy t-shirts

Go for a few plain t-shirts in a combination of white and dark colors to go with your trousers or jeans. These will keep you at ease and you would not have to worry about not being in style. The basic combination of a white t-shirt and blue jeans never goes out of fashion. Keep the darker colors for the evenings when the Sun goes down and it is comparatively cooler than the day. T-shirts are not going to take too much of space in your backpack. So, you can easily take about four to five t-shirts.

3. Printed scarfs

When it comes to India, scarfs serve more purpose than one. One of the prime reasons for you to carry scarfs is because you are going to need it when you visit a temple or mosque. It is a well-known custom in the country that you need to cover your head when you enter a religious place. The scarf will also help you to cover your head and face when the sun goes too blistering during the midday. Pair your jumpsuits with long and colorful scarfs and you are good to go.



4. Ethnic wear

The popular adage says when you are in Rome, do what the Romans do. So, when you are in India, make an effort to wear Indian ethnic clothes on some days. You can take some sarees or salwar suits to wear during your travels. There is no need to take something that is highly embellished or comes with a heavy material. Choose your ethnic ensemble in pure cotton as it is easy to wear and has natural moisture-wicking qualities to keep you cool.



5. Long dresses

It is better to give the short dresses some rest when you are in the country. This is because your legs might get visibly tanned and in some places, you will be attracting undue attention. Besides, you are prohibited from entering the religious sites with your legs uncovered. Make long maxi dresses your bae during your travels. A black cotton maxi is easy to carry off and looks super sexy in the photos.

6. Cardigan and shirts

In places like Rajasthan, the evenings can get quite chilly. So, taking a thin cardigan or shirt to layer up your attire is a good idea. Take a black or navy blue cardigan if possible as that will match any outfit that you wear. In terms of shirts, you can take the ones with long sleeves in either prints or simple checks. Cardigans and shirts will also come to your aid when you are in air-conditioned places like a museum or even in your hotel room.

7. Long skirts

As mentioned earlier, it is better to cover your legs while in India. Long skirts are just the perfect outfit to take for that reason. Pick up two or three skirts in all the colors of the rainbow to make sure that your photos are the envy of all of your friends. Imagine wearing a bright red skirt when you are posing in front of the Taj Mahal or vivid Indigo skirt when you are standing atop the Mehrangarh Fort. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? So, go get those skirts now.

8. Monotone Leggings

Leggings are big on the daily wear scenario in most parts of Southeast Asia and India is no exception to the rule. Indian women wear leggings to work, party, and everywhere else and while traveling to India, you can do the same thing too. Sport an ethnic kurta over monotone leggings or go for a white shirt and leggings look. You can take some of those sheer leggings that are high on the fashion scene now.

India is a land of colors and no matter what outfit of the day you choose, make sure that it’s vivid and vibrant in keeping with the culture of the country. Apart from the comfiest of clothing, do not forget to pack in your trusted pair of sandals, flip-flops, or trainers.



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