5 Things You Need To Know Before Investing In Stocks

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investing in Stocks
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Investing in stocks is very easy. However, investing successfully, on the other hand, is quite tough. If you go by the statistics, it has been observed that investors, who are not very familiar with the stock market, tend to lose money every year. While there might be a lots of reasons behind the loss, one thing is for certain is that they do not get much time to research about all the kinds of stocks and they also do not have a team to complete this huge task.

So here are five things that you need to keep in mind before investing in stocks

1) Research Thoroughly:

From the surface, the share and stock market may seem quite lucrative to you and can appear as an easy way to make money. This wrong notion has compelled a lot of people to invest heavily in the stock market without doing much research about the industry and its workings, which, in turn, has to lead to heavy losses. So, it is best to gain basic knowledge about stocks, investment, and financial goals before jumping head-on into the share market.

2) Not a Money Mint:

Almost all of us have heard stories about one of those individuals, who have gained millions by investing in stocks. While it is true that the stock market can make you rich, it is definitely not a money-making machine, which can make you a millionaire within a short span of time. Investors, who have detailed knowledge about the market and have to spend a considerable amount of time tracking it has made profits over a period of time. Strategic planning, smart choices, and a disciplined financial approach will help you make some money by investing in stocks.

3) Learn the Basics First:

Alphabets were the first thing that we learned when we started our education as kids. That was the foundation that we needed to understand everything that was to follow. Similarly, you need to learn the basics of stock market investment before actually putting money in the market. While the stock market may sound like a collective term, it is actually a market full of different kind of stocks. Therefore, you would be focusing on different individual securities and their association and effect on the economy as a whole. These are the factors that drive up the value of a particular stock or brings it down to crash.

4) Invest Only the Excess:

The biggest mistake a rookie investor does is to invest the money that he/she cannot actually afford to lose. Investing in the stock market comes with its own set of risks, which means that there is a high chance of completely losing your investment. There are many types of risks like systematic and stock-specific risks that can be avoided with careful planning like diversifying your investment portfolio. So, when you decide to invest in the stock, put in only your surplus funds that you can afford to lose and can survive without.

5) Avoid Borrowing:

Borrowing money to invest in the stock market is one of the worse financial strategies one can make. While brokerage firms and banks to provide money in margin accounts to buy stocks, it is a bad idea especially when the market is on a free fall. In case the market crashes, you not only lose your initial investment but will also have to pay the broker the interest that you owe. It must be used only when you have gained enough experience in the market and is confident of your investment portfolios.

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