Vital Tips of Preparation to Crack NEET and JIPMER Entrance Examinations

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JIPMER Examinations
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All the students who have taken up science as their major in the plus two levels and have a sharp keenness in biological sciences are surely going to appear for the NEET and the JIPMER examinations that are benchmarks for assessing the potential of a student before getting admission to the premium medical colleges in India. Both exams are heavy-weight, and a lot of students opt for them. There are many of them who opt for both examinations in order to secure a seat for the medical studies. One thing that should be a point of concern here is the level of preparation required to crack these two examinations. As far as the standard of questions is concerned, NEET is surely of much higher merit than JIPMER. What makes JIPMER one of the most difficult ones to crack is not the standard of it but the limited seats that create a pseudo competition with hundreds of students getting the same score and competing for the same place. For the JIPMER, the questions are more straight, less numeric problems are given as compared to NEET. The physics section of the JIPMER question paper mostly features problems that can be solved by applying the formulas directly. Moreover, being an online examination, the stress factor automatically gets reduced. Hence, if you are appearing for both the examinations in the coming season, having a solid preparation for NEET will almost suffice your requirement of preparation for JIPMER as well. While preparing for NEET, you will be required to an in-depth analysis of every phenomenon, every formula and their application and every theory as well. Hence the insight that you will receive during your preparation for NEET will drive your way forward and will help you in cracking JIPMER with good scores as well. When compared with data, the level of difficulty of JIPMER to NEET is 0.75:1.5 which substantiates the fact that a student preparing to score high marks in NEET result will hardly have any requirement for additional studies for JIPMER. Here are some tips for students appearing this year for both the medical entrance examinations.

Give yourself the real feel of the examination

It is common to fear the approaching examination, and it is also evitable that you will be having some amount of stress in your mind for the strange atmosphere of an unknown place. To get yourself out of the fear of the examination centre, you can try a trick at home. Choose the same time as your examination and take a mock test over the same span to ensure the time feel of the examination. Suppose if the examination is scheduled over a time from 10 and to 1 pm then you also take the same time frame for your mock test. Ensure that no one enters your room where you will be sitting for your mock test. When you decide to start your mock test, keep a water bottle by your side so that you do not waste time fetching one when thirsty and also do not allow yourself to go to the washroom as it is for the real examinations. This will give you the flavor of the time limit along with the alienation that you really feel in an examination hall. This could be a great way of combating your fear of examination and will surely be of much help in order to concentrate on the competitive examination hall.

Revise as much as you can

Students who will be sitting for the NEET and the JIPMER examinations are exposed to an extensive syllabus that they start preparing almost six months prior to the dates of the examination. By the time the date comes near, the lessons learned six months back might have been forgotten by the students. Hence, revision is the key to success for everyone. Keep at least one full month for stringent revisions leaving nothing behind and keeping nothing aside. The formulas, the diagrams, graphs, and the theories, every little thing must be redone with similar efforts to ensure a good score in the finals. Also, plan for as many mock tests as you can for more the number of tests means more perfect you are. The assessment of every mock test will unleash something new every time making your efforts flawless for the next time. Mock tests also help in keeping the time limit in mind and practice accordingly. Comprehensive learning along with thorough revisions will ensure fair chances of securing good scores in JIPMER as well as in NEET. You aim should be to prepare yourself for NEET so that the preparation for JIPMER is done by default.

Don’t just learn, be strategic in your approach

When it comes to learning, every student gives the best of the efforts to score well. What marks them different is the approach of the studies. At first, one has to comprehend that to learn the formulas, theories, and the application from the core of the fundamentals, reference books are essential apart from the basic textbooks. No matter if you are opting for NEET or JIPMER, consulting a reference book will always keep you ahead of others. Once you are done with a particular chapter, it is highly recommended that you take down all the important formula and theories in a copy and keep it by your side for further reference and skip the hazard of going through the book again and again. Doing so will save your time and efforts both. Be systematic in your learning and skip the unnecessary efforts that can be rerouted to constructive learning otherwise. Revise the syllabus once to check if you have left any chapter or topic behind by mistake or not. If yes, do not try to learn any of them right before the examinations or else you will be in a state of perplexity. Moreover, unlike the board examinations, the competitive examinations are based on the syllabus of both the academic years of class 11 and 12. This automatically increases the volume and makes the learning process stretching. Hence, make vigorous time table so as to accommodate every topic in a way that the basic preparation gets over at least three months prior to the examinations. Keep the rest of the times only to judge and assess your performance based on the time stringent mock tests.

With impeccable and flawless preparations for NEET, any student can easily crack the JIPMER with good scores. Hence, pull up your socks and put in the best of your efforts to give your future the shape of your dreams.


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