5 Unique Experiences to Bask Yourself in the Christmas Celebration in Goa

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Christmas Celebration in Goa

Goa has forever been a paradise for the party freaks and beach lovers. There was a time when the hippy culture was quite prominent in the smallest state of India. Moreover, the Portuguese dominance in Goa during the colonial period has majorly shaped the culture and traditions of the Goanese people. So, it is obvious that the Christmas celebration in Goawill be something worth witnessing.

As there are several Christian families residing all over Goa, Christmas is celebrated traditionally with immense fun. Tourists from all over the world reach this place to enjoy a happening Christmas celebration in Goa and make some vibrant memories.

Unique Experiences in Christmas Celebration in Goa

Some details of the unique experiences that you can bask in a while visiting Goa during Christmas are mentioned below:

Attaining the Mass Missa De Galo

The Mass Missa De Galo is the famous midnight mass that is the main attraction of the Christmas celebration in Goa. You should never miss out on visiting the Basilica of Bom Jesus, while in Goa, where the midnight mass commences with grandeur. There are over 400 churches in Goa where the Mass Missa De Galo takes place, but for the most authentic experience, one should reach the Basilica.

Some other churches where you can also witness the midnight mass of Christmas are Se Cathedral and Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception.

The main attraction of the midnight mass is the enchantments of hymns and carols that can easily make you reach heavenly bliss.

Enjoy the Christmas Feast

If you are in Goa during Christmas, you should never miss the Christmas feast. As tourists from different corners of the globe visit Goa, you can observe the presence of different flavors in the cuisines of this place. Moreover, there is an obvious prominence of Portuguese and South Indian flavors in the food. Furthermore, seafood is available here in abundance. In the Christmas feast, you can taste some authentically prepared Goanese dishes.

Try the dishes like roasted turkey, pork sorpotel, stuffed chicken and different seafood while indulging in a Christmas feast. You can also taste the Bebinca, the traditionally made dessert in Goa.

You can get the Christmas feast available during the festival in different restaurants. Choose a place to eat according to your budget.

Have a Bike Ride on the streets of Goa

If you are a travel freak and a biker, try exploring the streets of Goa on a bike on the Christmas eve or the evening of Christmas day. You can get a glimpse of the illuminated houses and churches while enjoying the speed on roads. Goa can be easily explored as every road is connected to another.

You can freely take photos wherever you can and enjoy the cold yet sweet breeze of December while riding. If you are with friends, you can go out for a group riding session.

Witness the ‘Burn the Old Man’

‘Burn the Old Man’ is a Goan tradition in which a hay statue of an old man is burned to ashes. Many people celebrate this traditionally to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new. You can also taste the local liquor Feni which the people drink after burning the hay statue of the old man. To get the best experience of ‘Burn the Old Man’, you might step into the coastal villages.

The Goan people are very friendly and fun-loving. Thus, you can expect to get an opportunity to observe their lifestyle closely.

Visit a Christmas Eve Dance

The Christmas eve dance is organized by numerous hotels, restaurants, and residents of Goa. You can easily move into a hotel where you can find people dancing in couples with traditional Christmas songs. You can also take the Christmas feast along with witnessing the outstanding dance. As this dance party is organized on Christmas eve, it is mandatory for you to go out on the evening of 24th December.

In spite of being a beach lover’s paradise, you can have some marvelous experiences during the Christmas celebration in Goa. To get the most of Goa, you can enjoy leisure at the beaches during the daytime. At night, you can indulge in the activities mentioned above. Some communities and leading hotels organize Christmas carnivals which take place up to the new year’s day.

If you are a party freak, you can reach Goa during Christmas and attain some world-class parties that are organized by the leading event managers. Music and dance concerts are quite common where the youth generally come to enjoy their leisure time during Christmas celebration in Goa. Always check if the entry tickets for the Christmas concerts of Goa are available online.

You should always remember to plan up things quite early if you desire to spend your Christmas in Goa. It is because, during the Christmas holidays, the peak season continues in the place, making it tough to find budget hotels for comfortable accommodation.


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