Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – Justified Ending to an Epic Saga?

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Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker

It is the most amazing movie ever! Once I watched The Last Jedi, my expectation in the Star Wars franchise was irrevocably damaged. It had been just such a lousy film, with such a stupid plot, bothersome SJW personalities, a thirty-minute casino romp where It has been concern over the unkind treatment of animals than child captivity. And Vegan Chewbacca, I didn’t believe I could ever take Star Wars seriously. The growth of skywalker was incredible; it left all those bad things to go away. My religion in the Star Wars franchise movie revived! I feel like I can watch the next 20 Star Wars films grinning; nothing will ever create this bliss, and Euphoria goes off. They could show me nothing but piles of steaming excrement for three hours in the next Star Wars film, and I’d come from the theatre smiling.

According to US ticket site Atom Tickets, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has set a new first-hour sales record, beating Avengers: Endgame.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Reviews

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has a total score of 56% on Rottentomatoes with 87% of Audience Score. The Movie has a score of 6.8 out of 10 in IMDB, another popular movie review aggregator.

It was an okay trailer. This one appears to provide a feeling of what the story would be. Rather than great guys and bad guys are looking for Luke Skywalker because reasons, good guys and the bad guys are in a race to Finn Emperor Palpatine’s ghost or any MacGuffin associated with him.

The resistance is all but defeated. The entirety of the immunity can fit inside the Millennium Falcon. It might take ten or more years to reconstruct the freedom from that state.


Just a shame, then, that [Rey’s] story should have so little emotional resonance, and that the Skywalker saga, with its 42 years of cinematic tradition, should end on such a charmless whimper.

The hermetic logic of the plot is as impeccable as it is ridiculous. It’s a drama crafted with robotic insularity for the consumption of viewers being rendered robotic at each moment of the soullessly uniform spectacle.

The resistance is abandoned with no strong leadership because of Leia not being a part of it, Akbar’s death, Luke’s departure, along with the emasculation of Poe Dameron. The First Order is in shambles. Snoke is dead, and all the First Order has abandoned Kylo Ren, who suffers from temper tantrums and Admiral Hux, who is a boot-licker. In addition to this leadership vacuum at the First Order, Snoke’s boat and Star killer foundation are destroyed. Both of the assets contained many others of the First Order’s assets. Not only was Snoke’s shipwrecked, but some superstar destroyers were well.

Let’s get into the main characters:


Rian turned her into a Mary Sue. She isn’t a strong character. In the Last Jedi, she is equipped to best Luke, Snoke’s Guards, Kylo Ren, and lift hundreds of boulders utilizing the drive. That last action took Jedi masters years to master. She did that with no training.

Kylo Ren:

He is not a motivational leader. He does. He feels sorry for himself and gets mad at people.

General Hux:

he’s a bootlicker. Nothing is menacing about him. I think they were trying to recreate Grand Moff Tarkin but falls drastically short.

Poe Dameron:

At the Force Awakens, he had been a courageous member of the resistance. In the Last Jedi, He is reckless and insubordinate. We do not have a feel for him whatsoever.


I haven’t figured out what role he plays in the show at all. He had a part of performing in sacrificing himself, but that didn’t work out. He’s pretty pointless.

Rose Tico:

she is even more worthless as a character than Finn. There was no motive for Rian Johnson to create her personality.

I truly liked it. One thing that I did not like was using Rey from the desert for at least a moment; I also enjoyed that it’s for sure not Jakku. Examine the hills and stones. Alright, I am getting off track. Anyways, I appreciate that Palpatine will be featured probably, but I genuinely hope he is not alive. When he is, then Anakin neglected his heirs as well as that which he and Luke did signify nearly nothing like Palpatine is in hands .but that moment, of a passionate bunch of wackos rather than legitimate authorities.


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