8 Evergreen Gold Jewellery Designs Never Go Out of Fashion

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Evergreen Gold Jewellery Designs

A wedding composes the initial lines of a lovely new section in a couple’s life. Obviously, for an event of a lifetime, a young lady wishes to look nothing less than a queen. From decades gold has been adorned for its elegance & irradiance. India is home to Innumerable customs, traditions, religions, art forms and languages. The world perceives India for its magnificence & liveliness and therefore it is a major attraction for many tourists. In such a vast culture, gold occupies a very important place. We all celebrate countless festivals, events & weddings where the purchase of gold is inevitable.

Gold is known as the most auspicious metal and is used in weddings and special occasions. It makes an individual look beautiful with its golden colour, shine, and value. There are countless avant-garde designs in gold jewellery especially necklaces which are an important part of bridal jewellery. Here we have compiled a list of 10 alluring gold necklace designs that will never go out of style.

Evergreen Gold Jewellery Designs

1.Gold necklaces studded with precious stones:

Delicate Gold Jewellery is not just an amalgamation of pure gold but it’s all about those rare & nature-inspired stones that make it a masterpiece.

These stone studded gold jewellery pieces are very popular among young millennial women looking for unique jewels to make a style statement in their wedding. One can easily wear these necklaces to every occasion & festivities. These necklace designs are simple, exclusive and easy to wear with all kinds of Indian traditional outfits.

Source: culturalindia.net

2. Trendy & chic choker necklaces:

Gold chokers are fascinating pieces of close-fitted necklaces that were worn by royal women during the Victorian era. These are subtle yet sophisticated. Its everything a woman can ask for. Be it Indian weddings or just casual occasions, gold chokers are the most trendy & voguish jewellery pieces that can never go out of fashion.

Source: instagram.com/gautamkhullarphotography

3. Traditional heavy gold necklaces:

The conventional heavy gold necklaces are a must-have for festivals, especially for weddings. These are perfect for all those brides who desire to look beautiful yet simple at their wedding. Almost all Indian clothes especially sarees and lehengas go well with these heavy gold necklaces. The brilliance and gleam in this gold jewellery design make it distinctive from other designs.

Gold Jewellery Designs
Source: instagram.com/pkstudiophotography

4. Heritage Jadu necklaces:

Jadau jewellery designs are one of the most popular styles of jewellery which is a combination of Kundan, Polki, and Meenakari with gold creating eccentric statement pieces. Set in refined sparkling gold, these designs speak volumes about the wearer.

Jadau is a highly crafted skilled jewellery which is extensively popular in Northern parts of India. One can find the most authentic Jadau gold jewellery in Ahmedabad and Jaipur.

Gold Jewellery Designs
Source: instagram.com/meharphotography

5. Minimalistic gold necklaces:

The lightweight gold jewellery with a pendant and earrings can be adorned for small social gatherings, occasions, workplaces or daily wear. These are fragile and showcase very minimal designs that give an elegant look.

Nowadays almost all the brides are opting for lightweight and minimal gold pieces as their wedding jewellery.

Source: rishabhagarwal.com

6. Elegant Pearl necklaces:

Many of us consider pearl jewellery to be obsolete but the truth is pearls are still the classic and timeless gems that blend well with pure gold necklace designs. These are a charming addition to any outfit. Take your pick from the best jewellery shop in Ahmedabad offering an exclusive collection that has options for all the jewellery connoisseurs.

Source: purepearls.in

7. Classic Kundan necklaces :

Kundan jewellery has been consistently loved by women from the bygone era. Its popularity has seen a remarkable legacy across the world. The refine Kundan jewellery is regarded as magnificent, dazzling and majestic.

The gold Kundan jewellery is made from various precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, pearls, sapphires, etc. Kundan jewellery is the epitome of masterpiece crafting due to its versatility and is thus the favorite among brides of India. One can wear Kundan jewellery not only with traditional attires but also with modern clothing.

Source: nameerabyfarooq.com

8. Stunning Temple necklaces :

The extraordinary temple jewellery pieces are available in millions of designs and patterns like Lord Krishna, Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha, lotus flowers & leaves. These intricate but exquisite jewellery pieces are traditionally handcrafted in pure gold and embedded with priceless stones like emeralds, diamonds, rubies, and pearls.

Since time immemorial the traditional gold temple jewellery comes with a connection to our cultures, traditions, and heritage. It brings fond memories of yesteryears. Indian brides are loving these temple jewellery pieces and adorning them at their wedding.

Source: indiatimes.com

Thus, gold is the most appealing element for jewellery making for both men and women. Be it gold rings, necklaces, bangles, earrings or tikka even a small tint of gold will compliment your look and enhance it. With a myriad of beautiful gold jewellery designs whether simple or intricate, there are a lot of options to choose from on your wedding day!


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