5 Powerful Reasons that Makes Gold So Alluring to Us

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Humans have been fascinated with gold since time immemorial. The color gold symbolizes grandeur and prosperity and numerous wars have been fought for the possession of this precious metal that has made so many empires wealthy. But have you ever wondered why people have a certain love for gold? There are many uses to which gold has been put that makes it the very alluring metal that it is regarded as today. Let us look at some of these applications.

1. Gold was held sacred:

Due to the glitter and the glow of gold, it was considered sacred in the religions of many people belonging to different cultures. For example, the ancient Egyptians believed gold to be nothing but the flesh of their gods. On the other hand, members of the Aztec empire thought gold was the excrement of their gods. In China, people held the belief that they could attain a long life by drinking from gold utensils and eating from gold plates. Therefore, people all over the world considered the creation of gold as the work of the gods in heaven and have held gold in high esteem ever since. They regard gold with great reverence as if it were something to protect and value.

2. Medicinal properties of gold:

Gold is used in medical implants for the treatment of different types of ear and eye conditions. It is also used for the treatment of diseases like arthritis, syphilis, melancholia, and smallpox as it has anti-inflammatory effects. Adding to that, technology using gold nanoparticles is applied inside home pregnancy tests and is used for accurately diagnosing diseases like HIV and malaria in developing countries. Researchers have found that these nanoparticles can also be used to combat bacterial infections in the future by creating antibacterial agents that are powerful. Gold’s medicinal properties cause it to be one of the most sought-after metals despite its high price tag. There are few replacements for this valuable metal.

3. Gold is used in industry and transport:

By using the catalytic properties of gold in chemical plants, raw feedstocks can be converted into chemicals. These chemicals are then used to make paints and other useful materials. When your car collides with an object, a safety airbag is inflated with the help of sensors that use gold. Your car’s anti-lock brakes are also controlled by microchips in which gold is used. Thus, the fact that gold is used in your car’s wires, sensors, and microchips helps your car to work in a safe and proper way. Gold is known to possess safeguarding properties when it comes to your automobiles where it finds ample use.

4. Gold has a certain visual appeal:

The reflective and glowing quality of gold gives the impression of an otherworldly nature. Human eyes are always attracted to anything that has a glistening surface. This appeal for something that glitters has led gold to be used to adorn the hilts of swords and crowns around the world. The sharp, eye-catching visual appeal of gold makes it so special when worn by brides and grooms in India and other countries of South Asia. The exceptional malleability (the ability of metal to be beaten into sheets by being flattened indefinitely) and ductility (The ability of metal to be drawn into wires) of gold make gold jewelry items a favorite with most women. Some ladies prefer gold long necklace designs in 30 grams or so. Others tend to go casual and opt for simple daily wear earrings gold. Gold is considered to be the best gifting material and probably the of all to present to someone on their special occasion. Be it a wedding, an anniversary, a baby shower, a birthday of a family member, gold is widely used as a means to bridge that gap in a relationship. Adding to the fact that gold is highly expensive, has an excellent durability and retains its luster for many years, it is used by many as an investment on which a return can be claimed when in need.

5. Gold as a sign of triumph:

In many societies, gold has been used as a sign of the success that the person has achieved. Wearing gold ornaments have given onlookers the message that the wearer belongs to a higher status or class of society. The most coveted of trophies have a percentage of gold in it. The FIFA World Cup trophy, the Oscars, the Nobel prizes, the Emmy awards, the Olympic medals, and every other trophy and prize awarded at a reputed platform is made of gold to signify the unique talent of the person who has been awarded and empower them with more strength. It makes the person feel he/she has made a significant achievement in life.


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