6 Things to Consider Before Throwing an Outdoor BBQ Party

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Outdoor BBQ Party

While summer is the perfect season to throw a BBQ party, it doesn’t mean it’s not a great celebration to enjoy all year ‘round. From birthdays’ parties, to weddings, family reunions, neighborhood welcoming or simple Sundays fun, having a BBQ is definitely an amazing idea.

You need to make sure that is a perfect experience with the least amount of trouble. For that, keep reading and get to know the best way to guard yourself of the unexpected rain, get the perfect theme and decor, bring on killer food and make sure everyone has a blast from children to adults.

Too much work?
Less than you think.

And if you follow our 6 steps to make it a success, you will be able to do it with your eyes shut.

What if it rains?

Make sure you check the weather forecast, and choose a suitable date. It is not common to rain on some seasons, like summer, but better to be ready.

Is it a wedding or a birthday party? You must decide ahead of time or when a specific date has to be chosen?
Worry not, we have the solutions for you.

Get garden umbrellas ready, there are many available for BBQ parties.

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Another good idea is to have a foldable pergola at hand.

If you are having the party on your own backyard, just set up one on the deck or create an area for it.
Being prepared have never been so easy.

The big 3: Who, when and where?

You must create a theme for your party and adjust to it, it will be so much easier to design your invitations and inform your guest of the importants things then.

If you are having the BBQ party by the pool or beach, to bring a change of clothes is in order. Or maybe you want everyone to bring some foods or drinks.

The exact date and time are of course equally important.

Not your thing, bad at handcrafts?

We have you covered, many tools and websites online will do the job for you, so you can focus on what matters: setting the date, time and theme.

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Cool invitation done with canvas

Decorating with purpose

Whether you are throwing your party at your own backyard, on a beach, a rental pool area or your building common space, the appropriate decoration will set the tone of the occasion.
If it’s a birthday, lots of balloons in the chosen colors (maybe the birthday person’s favorite) will be a very nice and festive detail.

Maybe you should avoid paper items, as you will be dealing with fire. That being said many plastics cheap items can be purchased, and the balloons alone give a fantastic party view.

Keep it happy, but simple.

If you expect the party to extend to night time, make sure you set up the right lighting.
On the beach you can light a huge bonfire, not only will it make everyone warm, but it can create a spectacular view and mood for the evening.

If you expect the party to extend to night time, make sure you set up the right lighting.

On the beach you can light a huge bonfire, not only will it make everyone warm, but it can create a spectacular view and mood for the evening.

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Of course, you cannot just make an enormous fire at home, then what to do?
Fairy lights, or orange light bulbs assembled carefully can give a surreal effect, and make everyone feel comfortable and at ease.

What makes a BBQ a proper BBQ

You cannot have a barbecue without some proper grilled dishes. Making the experience the most comfortable requires the purchase of at least one griller. If you plan on having these parties just for few people, one small griller should do the job.

Yet, if you consider having these events often, or to host many people each time. Take the time and buy a good big BBQ grill. It will save time and can make it easier for others to integrate into the grilling.

A BIG problem to consider.

It’s an outdoor activity, therefore, bugs can become a problem. Get food cover tents, and buy ice packages to keep your beverages and what could get spoiled cool.

Be prepared.

Of course, set tables and chairs, depending on the place you are choosing.
On the beach or pool, plastic would be a wise choice, as you can expect everyone to be wet.
House backyard or similar, plastic is okay, but wooden furniture would for sure be more comfortable for everyone. Go along with your budget.

As for eating utensils. DO NOT choose paper, you will be handling fire, plastic. You can go with disposable spoons and folks, they are the best choice.

Enjoy without burning the house down.

The KING of the party

Food is for sure the king of the occasion, it all revolves around the griller afterall.
If it’s a birthday, you can choose the person of honor’s favorite dish as the main item being cooked. Also, make the cake the center piece.

But, even the secondary dishes will be highly popular at any common BBQ party.
Hot dogs, burgers, fish, are common and easy choices.

If you want to level up the fun, set a few pizza doughs, and have the children dressed them as they wish. Get oven molds for it to be safe.

Or maybe some fancy lobsters and steaks.
The recipes are endless, many things can make your dishes more enjoyable when trying to experience the best that grilling can give.

For once, substitute rosemary in recipes, the fragrance and taste will make everyone’s mouth start watering.

image 4

Don’t forget you DRINKS.

Get people something to do while the food is being cooked.

Get an assortment of soda, juice and of course water.

If it’s a more “grown-up” guests’ styled party. Get your hands on beers, and other alcoholic beverages.
Everyone will thank you for it.

Entertainment is life

Imagine a bunch of people silently looking at each other with just the sound of sizzling meat cooking, not appealing right?

Play music, prepare games, make it fun.

Go for the most popular music on the charts and create a playlist designed for your guest tastes, or the occasion at hand.

Get games ready, it’s outdoors, treasure hunt, sack or three legged race. The list is extended. Find more ideas on this website: https://www.familyeducation.com/fun/outdoor-games/top-10-backyard-party-games-all-ages

Kids love games.

image 5


As a footnote, be cautious, get a fire extinguisher appropriate for grill fire. May the worse case scenario occur, you want to be ready.

Don’t let a fun moment get ruined.

In conclusion

Throwing an outdoor BBQ party can become a joyful experience if you take the time to follow our 6 steps.

Just pick you occasion, and prepare accordingly.

Grill amazing food, set a wonderful atmosphere, and spend quality time with your beloved family and friends.
Know what to do before throwing a BBQ party outdoor and let it be a SUCCESS


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