6 Reasons to Choose Angel Broking for Opening your Demat Account

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About two decades ago, the system of Dematerialisation was introduced in India that revolutionized the way shares and securities were held. It facilitated electronic ownership of securities and shares instead of their traditional physical form.
Securities and shares are held in electronic format in a specific type of account known as Demat Account; it’s full form being dematerialised account. In India, depositories like CDSL and NSDL are responsible for providing demat account service with the help of intermediaries, stock brokers or depository participants.

Why Open a Demat Account?

Converting physical securities into electronic form is not mandatory since investors are allowed to possess securities in either electronic or physical format. However, it’s more difficult to monitor physical certificates compared to their dematerialised counterparts.

Moreover, buying or selling securities in their physical form is tougher. Agents dealing with physical shares and buyers intending to buy physical shares are much less in number than individuals doing transactions in dematerialised securities. It’s important to open a demat account to trade and get immediate access to faster and easy online services.

If you are planning to open a demat account, you need to seek the help of a reliable stock broking company. With a multitude of stock brokers out there, it may be challenging to choose one you can rely on. Here is some noteworthy information on Angel Broking – one of the leading stock brokers in the country – that you may consider partnering with to open your demat account.

Angel Broking – One of the Best Stock Brokers in India

Angel Broking is India’s one among the largest full service, independent stock broking houses, when it comes to active clients as of 31st July 2018 on NSE. A technology-driven financial services company, Angel Broking offers financial products distribution, loans against shares, margin funding and advisory and broking services. As of 30th June 2018, the company managed more than 1.11 million of active broking accounts.

Angel Broking

Advantages of Opening your Demat Account with Angel Broking

Here are the advantages of choosing Angel Broking as your demat account opening company:

1. Ease of Use

The simple user interface offered by the company allows investors to carry out online trading easily. Their efficient trading platform, based on the intelligent ARQ technology, offers simplified stock trading as well as efficient processing.

2. Variety of Trading Platforms

Angel Broking has been offering various useful tools to its clients, like ‘Angel Swift’, ‘Angel Eye’, ‘Angel Lite’, ‘Angel Trade’, and ‘Angel SpeedPro’, which allow you to have better control over your trade portfolio, manage your portfolio more effectively, and make smarter investment decisions.

3. Digitized KYC

No paperwork is required while completing your KYC. This saves both energy and time when you start your trading activity. Angel Broking would offer you the necessary guidance if required in any aspect.

4. Discount Opportunities

By opening a demat account with the company, you can avail discount on brokerage. At times, Angel Broking also lets potential clients open a demat account for free!

5. Linking of Trading Account

You can link the trading account with various banks like HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank etc. With this, you can transfer money from your bank to your trading account online.

6. Speedier Account Opening

With less paperwork, account opening is faster. Trading transactions can be started almost an hour after processing. Quicker accessibility facilitates a speedier financial planning process.

Summing Up

Angel Broking can offer you the ease and convenience you are looking for in online trading. With such remarkable advantages, choosing Angel Broking to open your demat account would certainly be a smart step. Make your online trading a success by selecting Angel broking as your account opening partner!


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