7 Adorable Ways to Say Sorry to Your Girlfriend for Your Mistake

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In every relationship, there are going to be fights and arguments that can hurt your partner’s sentiments, sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. However, realizing your mistake and asking an apology from your partner is what keeps your relationship going. But for many people, it might be difficult to ask for an apology with just words. So, if you are one of them, here is a list of 7 adorable ways to say sorry to your girlfriend that will touch her heart:

Say It with A Letter

Pen down an apology letter to your sweetheart and convey all your love for her. Express that you are really sorry for what you said or did and that you won’t repeat it again. Keep the letter in her wallet or on the table. This gesture by you will be definitely be appreciated by your girlfriend and thus, she will forgive you.

Say It With Flowers

Find it difficult to say sorry with words? Say it with a bouquet of her favorite flowers that will speak your heart out louder than words will do. Ask for a genuine apology from your girlfriend by sending her favorite flowers online to her office or her house with a note that says ‘I am sorry and I love you to the moon and back’. This will definitely melt her heart.

Say It With Food

If your girlfriend is a foodie, then your culinary skills can help you ask an apology to her. Surprise your girlfriend by making her favorite meal either for breakfast or lunch or dinner. This will really brighten your girlfriend’s mood and make everything better for you and your beloved lady.

Say It With A Hug

When your girlfriend is not ready to listen to you, just hug her gently and say that you didn’t mean to hurt her. Ask for an apology with all your heart for hurting her feelings or sentiment and say that you love her no matter what. Your hug will comfort your girlfriend and help her calm down. This will show your care for her.

Send A Text Message

Sometimes, a fight between you and your partner might get extended to this much that she would not want to listen to you or talk to you for a while. In this case, give her some time to calm down and just send her a text message saying that you are genuinely sorry and explain her everything.

Say It With A Voice Note

This is one of the sweetest ways to calm your girlfriend when she is mad at you. All you have to do is to record a voice note saying sorry and that you love her. You can also sing her favorite song asking for sorry at the end and then, record it. This will make your girlfriend smile and thus, she will forgive you for sure.

Say It With Chocolates

Chocolates are great mood uplifters. So, what you can do is, buy your girlfriend’s favorite chocolate and stick a note to it saying that you are sorry and you really love her. You can write anything you want on the note. It’s completely up to you. Her favorite chocolates will definitely work and your apology would be accepted by her.

With these adorable ways, don’t let a minor fight hamper the bond you share with your girlfriend and instead, win her heart with a genuine apology.


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