7 ways to engage students in classroom

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Being a student, there are many responsibilities to fulfill besides reading your course books and finishing homework regularly. As we all know that a greater proportion of children development takes place in schools and therefore it is much important for students to be mentally and physically involved in their educational environment. Teachers must take some serious measures to increase the interest level of students in order to engage them in classrooms. With higher participation, students will be able to develop more impressively with extremely polished abilities. Whereas, less involvement will affect their personality negatively and reduce their natural capabilities as well. This article will further explain impressive 7 ways to engage students in classroom in order to improve their overall character.

Freedom of Speech

The first way to engage the students in classroom is to provide them the freedom of speech. Here, teachers should understand that children only participate if they are encouraged to be open about their thoughts. Students will experience increased confidence due to freedom of speech and show more involvement in the classroom.

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Group Activities

Another way to increase the participation of students is to conduct more group activities. Working alone becomes boring and tiresome for students and they start being lethargic, which results in less engagement. Whereas, group activities bring enthusiasm because children enjoy interaction and discussion with their group members. In order to improve the performance of their group, students become more involved in the classroom activities.

Educational Games

Educational games can also be conducted to bring some fun and excitement in the boring routine of classroom. Teachers may introduce some classroom games, such as Hangman, puzzle games and crosswords, in order to increase the involvement of students. These games will not only engage the children in classroom but also expand their educational learning.

Provision of Authority

Every individual shows interest where he or she experience empowerment. Teachers should understand that children will get involved in their classroom activities if they will experience the taste of power. The provision of authority will bring a sense of responsibility in students which will eventually increase their engagement level.

Classroom Competition

Competitions in classroom can also engage students by increasing the passion of winning. Everybody enjoys the feeling of victory and puts much effort to acquire it. Same wise, if students will become a part of competition, they will show more involvement in classroom to improve their performance in order to win the race.

Friendly Environment

Students hesitate to participate because they feel like an outsider and experience strange in the classroom. Teachers can make them feel comfortable by providing a friendly environment which will increase their involvement level as well. The more relaxed and comfortable students will be in classroom, the more engagement they will show.

Reward Strategy

At last, rewards can be another way to engage students in classroom. Who doesn’t like gifts and prizes? Teachers can drive students’ interest level in educational activities by announcing the reward strategy. Children will pay more attention in classroom in order to give their best and achieve the announced prize.


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