Allahabad Becomes Prayagraj – Renaming or Restoring the Name By Yogi Govt?

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On Tuesday, the Uttar Pradesh cabinet passed a resolution to change the name of Allahabad, the historic city of Prayagraj, which was opposed by opposition parties in the state. But the state government said that it is restoring the old name of the city. A spokesperson of the National People’s Party said, “Today, the People’s Party government has corrected Akbar’s mistakes.”

“Referring to the feelings and sentiments of the people, Allahabad has been renamed named Prayagraj. Five hundred years ago, this place was called Prayagraj because it was located in ‘Triveni Sangam’ (the junction of three rivers) “Adityanath later said to Gorakhpur.

On visiting Buddhist Mata Mandir in Gorakhpur, he told reporters, “Those who oppose it do not know their history, culture and tradition, we can not get hope from them.

This is the third attempt to change the name of “Prime Minister’s City” (at least seven Prime Ministers or Allahabad competing with Allahabad). In 1992, the then Chief Minister of UP announced that he had accepted the request of Hindu saints and would soon complete the process of changing the city to Prayagraj. Then in 2001, Chief Minister Rajnath Singh’s cabinet decided to do the same thing, but things did not happen.

Although the Uttar Pradesh minister suggested that the proposal has already been implemented, this center has gone to the site before converting it to its official name.

Chief Justice Siddar Nath Singh said in the Cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Justice, “I am happy that Allahabad is now known as Prayagraj.

But the process of change is in place, and it will be accepted by the department. “The State Administration Center will be written.

Samajwadi Party President Akalesh Yadav had earlier criticized.

The Congress opposed the fact that the name of ignorance of al-habbat’s history had not changed, which played an important role in the freedom struggle.

Congress spokesman Okar Singh said that the area of the region of Kumari has been named as the highway.
The government can turn it into a different city but Allahabad can not be renamed.

Minister Siddharth Nath Singh said that this step will help in promoting Indian culture internationally.
In a meeting organized in Kumbh Mauththa in 2019, Ajit Tenakoon mentioned Raigame Thera, Maharaja and Ramayana.

Accordingly, this statement has been given by Mr. Ashish Nathan and the members present there have given unanimous approval.

Against this proposal, Singh said: “Prayer has been standing for a long time, but some 500 years ago someone changed their name, and your parents gave you a name, and if this name changes then you How would you feel?
Bharat Janata Party spokesman Manish Shukali said: “The Mughal emperor has changed the name of Akbar city into the mindset of the people.”

When Yogi was a MP

As a Member of Parliament in Gorakhpur, there is a habit of declaring new names for places in the area of Yogi. Five MPs have been changed from the Hindi market in the Urdu market from Hamadur to Hanuman Nagar, Ishvamur from Ishvarapur, Myan Bazaar, Maya Bazaar and Aryanagar to Arygar. The new names are not officially, however, they held meetings with them and their followers assured them that they would use them.

Renaming is not finished Yet

The name of a different name depends on politics for how long. When the IOC came to power in 2012, the names of eight districts named by the elusive government were changed during the last period. Amity again went away and went to Hatras.

Meanwhile, 96th place in Allahabad is listed in 111 superb cities of India. This means that its real problems are still based.

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