Big B May Replace Mr. Perfectionist As the Brand Ambassador of Incredible India Campaign

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Brand Ambassador of Incredible India

Few days ago controversies rose when a news licked from the tourism ministry that Amir Khan would no longer serve as the brand ambassador of Incredible India Campaign. Soon this news was flooded in social media with millions of tweets, shares supporting or showing protest this move made by Tourism Ministry.

A day ago, the news was confirmed by the responsible authority and it seems Bollywood Megastar Amitabh Bachhan is the first choice to replace the existing Brand Ambassador Mr. Amir Khan as Big B is a well accepted public figure worldwide and have prior experience of endorsing some similar campaign in past. He also expressed his interest to be associated with such campaigns for serving the nation.

Last Year in November, Amir Khan in an interview, expressed his fear and anxiety over the Dadri incident where a minority Muslim man was killed by Mob over beef consuming. In that interview where he told, his wife Kiran wanted to leave India due to this growing intolerance issue for the sake of safety for their children.

However, the Tourism Ministry has confirmed that Amir is out as the contact with that Ad agency that hired Amir Khan is over and its noting to do with his Intolerance remark.

When Asked, the 50 year old Mr. Perfectionist told

It has been an honour and a pleasure for me to be the Brand Ambassador for the Incredible India campaign for the past 10 years. I was happy to be of service to my country, and will always be available for it.

He also added

Whether I am brand ambassador or not, India will remain Incredible, and that’s the way it should be.

It now emerges that Amitabh Bachchan, the most ideal choice for the campaign, as he has endorsed the Gujarat Tourism campaign and also the polio vaccination campaign and other social message ads for the Government of India, is likely to shoot the next ad films for this campaign soon.


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