Birth Certificate: Eligibility And Procedure For Obtaining the Certificate in India

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Birth Certificate
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A birth certificate is a document related to an individual’s identity. It is required at many essential stages of life where documentation is required. The certificate contains all the basic and primary details of the document holder like- the name, permanent address, and city of birth, parent’s name, district and more importantly the date, year and time of birth.

At the initial stage of admissions in schools and kindergarten, a birth certificate plays a vital role in securing the procedure of admission. Although afterwards, it may be replaced by the admit cards and results of high school with time, yet in cases of law and contract breaching the document is required. Other legal cards like- driving license, Aadhar card, pan card, etc. require the details of the birth certificate primarily for completing the application procedure.

Eligibility Of Applying Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is often issued at the initial stage of birth of an individual. However, if the concerned certificate is not issued due to some reason at the time of birth then the following procedure can be followed.

The area of eligibility for applying for a birth certificate apply online may range from:

  • At the birth of an infant.
  • In the case of mislaying of the certificate.
  • For admission in educational institutes.
  • To apply for a driving license, passport, Aadhar card, pan card and many more.
  • To submit for the job in government sectors.
  • The person applying should be authoritative.
  • For legal purpose and identity.
  • To obtain the certificate as per the state.

The birth certificate is also a proof certifying the nationality of an individual which can be used worldwide as a proof of identity.

Documents Required:

Before starting to apply for a birth certificate, it’s important to be organized with the documents needed for the application of a new certificate. The documents are:

  • Proof of birthplace provided by the medical institution or at home.
  • The identity proof of the parents.
  • Residential proof.
  • The filled application form.

These are the required documents essential for applying for a birth certificate.

Procedure To Apply For Birth Certificate

In this era of technology and digitalization, there is no need for an individual to stand in long queues and wait for the submission of the application form. With the incorporation of the internet, everything can be achieved in a convenient manner.

Online sites provided by the government are helping people with this process of registration. There are also other private sites present which offer similar services.

The procedure of registration:
  • Step 1– People must fill the required documents and questionnaires with accurate and proper details without any forgery. The questionnaires may include all the specific and primary questions about an individual.
  • Step 2– After completing step 1, the documents and questionnaires are sent to the authorized agency which is chosen to obtain a birth certificate. The agency then puts forward the drafting process. Here the Affidavit and Authority letter is drafted. The soft copy is sent to the applicant.
  • Step 3– The soft copies sent by the agency, of the Affidavit and the Authority letter, is to be signed by the applicant and all the documents required for the application form submission of birth certificate is to be attached with the drafts. All these documents are now to be dispatched by the applicant through courier to the company address.
  • Step 4– After receiving the documents from the applicant, the agency is now in charge of submitting all the documents with the application form on the basis of all the information provided by the applicant.
  • Step 5– Now, after submission, it generally takes 20- 30 days to obtain the birth certificate. Thus, the agency is responsible for the collection and dispatch of the certificate of the authorized person.
  • Step 6– the agency collects the certificate and sends it to the applicant.

The above-mentioned steps are not at all complicated and the most beneficial aspect of this procedure is that the person applying is relieved of the duty of track of the transactions that are being initiated to avail the document.

Advantages Of Using Private Sites
  • It’s very fast and efficient.
  • Friendly customer service without any hubbub.
  • Professional assistance offered by experienced personnel.
  • Acknowledgement of the correct laws and standards as listed by the government of India.
  • Very experienced group of experts and human resources.
  • No problem with payment harassments.
  • Timely updates.

People living abroad can also use these sites in order to opt for a safe and sound way of obtaining a birth certificate. Living in a foreign country makes it difficult to know the procedures in India. Therefore, these official agencies and the services offered by them help individuals in a significant manner.

Birth certificates are an important document until and unless the individual does not have all the needed identification for future purpose. Customers can find more about these authorized agencies which take up the responsibility of issuing birth certificates by searching various online websites. Be sure to get in touch with these professionals to eliminate all the restrictions and queries which you may be having while applying for a birth certificate.


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