Coronavirus Tiktok Challenge: Girl Licking Airplane Toilet Video goes Viral

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Coronavirus Tiktok Challenge

Coronavirus or Covid-19 is the new name of fear for the whole world. World Health Organization (WHO) already declared this disease as Pandemic and peoples all around the world are becoming the victim of this coronavirus.

This novel coronavirus or Covid-19 starts from Wuhan province in China from late January this year infected over 80,000 people and claimed over 3 thousand peoples’ life only in China (till March 20) and the world figure is even more disturbing. Over 219,071 cases and 8, 935 already died till date.

In this crisis situation, when the whole world is in panic mode, economy bearing huge loses, there are some exceptions. They are fearless and determined to do some daring tasks (or stupid you can say) in the name of Coronavirus Challenge.

What is Coronavirus Tiktok Challenge?

As you all aware about Tiktok and its popularity as an social entertainment platform among the teenagers and do some daring activities to seek attention and want to be viral in social platform.

A girl from Miami, Florida who is a Tiktok star (@avalouiise) started a new trend “Coronavirus Challenge” and shared the video on social platform. In this 6 second video, she was seen licking Airplane Toilet. She share this in her Twitter handle too.

See the video:

Soon the video become viral and have been retweeted over 450 times and viewed over 481K times.

Ava Louise was not only one, here another daring (or stupid) girl also took this challenge and did the same thing.

Watch Video:

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